The Perfect Storm.

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    Re: The Perfect Storm.

    The Pats defense will show up in this super bowl like in the Denver and Baltimore game.  But the Pats offense will have a "Nice show on turf" to blow out the G-mans.
    The Pats will ceblerate in the endzone at least 5 times.
    Pats 41 Giants 20
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    Re: The Perfect Storm.

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    Re: The Perfect Storm.

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    No, no. The picks have nothing to do with Gronk, dude.  This started IMMEDIATELY a week ago Monday. The media couldn't wait to tell us how outrageous it was for NE to be favored by 3. Even if Gronk hadn't gotten dinged up, this media onslaught still would have been going on in full force. Seriously, Brady is an afterthough to Gomer Jr right now.   I was watching Fitzgerald interviewed last night and the host on NBCSN mentioned Eli first as the preeminent QB, and then added on Brady's name, awkwardly, afterwards. It's VERY obvious.  You'll never admit this angle because you don't want to admit to,  and there are Pats fans who don't live or travel much out of market that have no idea about this built-in anti-NE media bias. The media is clearly swaying a lot of this pro Giants stuff. Absolutely no doubt. I love how Brady is an afterthought and how NE has no chance. Love it.
    Posted by RustyGriswold

    No - I do get the angle, and I think this bodes badly for the Giants.  This will fuel brady.  Even if he shuns the spotlight, I am sure he doesn't appreciate how much attention Eli is getting. 

    Eli does deserve the attention, but not in the absence of also giving it to Brady.  Eli pulled out a lot of games this year for his team. 

    That said, you may read into the picks as simply slamming the pats if it makes you feel better, but Gronkowski has been an incredibly important cog to your offense this year.  In fact, for the last half of the season, he was the offensive MVP. 

    I remember Welker coming out like gangbusters early in the year.  He didn't fade, but Gronkowski became the go to guy.  The good news for you is that the pats have had 2 weeks to work on alternative plans.  I am sure they will be fine, but Gronkowski even at 85% is a problem.
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