the Pioli factor

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    Re: the Pioli factor

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    In Response to Re: the Pioli factor : Tyson Jackson is getting $17 mil this season and is in danger of losing his starting job . Imagine how that would go over if he was picked by NE.
    Posted by digger0862

    somewhere in KC there is a Chiefs forum with a thread titled "the Belichick factor"...

    But why would you think this forum would go crazy?  It's not like there were any "Ron Brace is a Bust" threads last year for someone who was the 40th pick...
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    Re: the Pioli factor

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    In Response to Re: the Pioli factor : Thomas Dimitroff, National Scout 2002. Director of College Scouting 2003-2007, Current GM Atlanta Falcons. "General Manager" is the general overseer of everything (; FA, contracts, drafts, logistics, etc. Obviously there is a fair amount of delegation. Much of the Pats success, and failures, of drafting between 2003-2007 lies squarely on Dimitroff's shoulders. Pioli put him in that position, and yes, Pioli and more-so Belichick had final say, but they were mostly working on the info that Dimi, and his staff, gave them.
    Posted by ma6dragon9

    I wasn't going to get into the hierarchy business.  The argument was between Pioli and Belichick and who did what.  The bottom line is the Pioli was there to evaluate talent both for the draft and free agency amongst the other things you have mentioned.
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    Re: the Pioli factor

    In a general sense, I don't think Pioli would have kept his job had he NOT been good.  And let's not judge his work in KC by last year, it seems like a big job there.  I think the next few years will show more.  I think he was part of a team, and like the DC OC, Line, and ST coaches who are under Bill but have autonomy, Pioli was part of a personnel staff that worked well together under the general direction Bill gave them.
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    Re: the Pioli factor

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    It was only in 2002, That Scott Pioli became Vice President of Player Personell, before this, as I believe, Pioli's main concern was NFL Vet player acquisitions, and more minor draft dealings as the Director/Assistant Director of Player Personell for NE...Still, even now, His job duties (like many NE coaches still, are murky to say the least).  But iin 2002, As VP of Player Personell, Pioli was essentially the Pats GM, The Big boy on the block, doing the following:  Co-Running the draft (with BB), quarterbacking free agency/running the pro personnel department and finally, negotiating/renogotiating contracts.  Lots of stuff. SO from 2002, How'd He do in Draft?   Draft: Dan Graham, Deion Branch, Rohane Davey, Jarvis Green, Antoine Womack, David Givens/4 "hits" (if ya wanna call 'em true superstars) & 2 misses///Ty Warren, Eugene Wilson, Bethel Johnson, Dan Klecko, Asante Samuel, Dan Koppen, Kliff Klingsbury, Spencer Nead, TBC, Ethan Kelley (4 hits & 6 misses)///Vince Wilfork, Ben Watson, Marquise Hill, Guss Scott, Dexter Reid, Cedric Cobbs, PK Sam, Christian Morton (I'll give ya 2! hits but 6 misses)///Logan Mankins, Ellis Hobbs, Nick Kaczur, James Sanders, Ryan Claridge, Matt Cassel, Andy Stokes (4 hits & 3 misses)///Laurence Maroney, Chad Jackson, David Thomas, Garret Mills, Stephen Gostkowski, Ryan O'Callaghan, Jeremy Mincey, Dan Stevenson, LeKevin Smith, Willie Andrews (heck, I'll give ya 3! hits but 7 misses)///Brandon Merriweather, Kareem Brown, Clint Oldenburg, Justine Rodgers, Mike Richardson, Justice Hairston, Corey Hilliard, Oscar Lua, Mike Elgin (that's 1 hit & 8 misses)... So not even countin' a bad 2008 Draft class too, That's roughly 18 Hits TO 32 Misses...WOW!  And in this time, we've had Seymour hold-out of Training Camp for a new contract, and Asante hold out to force not being franchised, and Deon Branch force a trade... So ya wanna give Pioli the universe for  helping to get Randy Moss, and Wes Welker...goood job.  And just maybe earlier in his years having 1 word RE: Mike Vrabel...excellent.  Look, NE will survive imho.    
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    Well said Laz! Pioli was VP of Personell. He certainly delegated the college scouting and draft board, but ultimately was responsible for that part of the business. Of course Belichick had the last word, but when the team was playing late into January so many seasons, BB was relying on Pioli to handle the future while he was handling the present.  Overall Pioli did a good job, but was far from perfect.