The pressure of going undefeated is now gone

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    The pressure of going undefeated is now gone

    I think a loss is just what the doctor ordered for this team.

    I have much to criticize this franchise for over the last few years as we should have won Super Bowls in 06 and 07 but poor drafting, bad defense and game planning prevented that from happening.

    I think letting Gaffney and Health Evans leave was a bad move as they both were very productive, cheap and knew the system well. However, lets not give up on Galloway just yet as he has to still learn the system a bit more. Perhaps its time to give Nunn a chance to play...he could provide a nice spark to this offense.

    A 1st rounder for Seymour!  I like Seymour but I dont think he is the difference in us winning a championship this year and he would not have signed next year. Past history shows that all he cares about is money and is willing to sit out until he gets it. Now we can afford Wilfork and I suspect he will sign or be franchised next year.

    The good news is that our defense is younger, faster and better than it has been in 3 years. Gary Guyton looks like an amazing find as a undrafted free agent and the absence of Mayo will give him ample opportunity to improve. Edelman a 7th rounder looks like Wes Welker and it would be great if they could both of them on the field at the same time. 

    We have  a 1st and 3 second rounders next year and we should be able to find another good corner, safety and linebacker to add to our young defense.

    In 2011 we use Oaklands pick for a impact player or trade it for a bunch more picks.

    Lets not give up on this team so fast... the season is just starting and they can only get better.
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    Re: The pressure of going undefeated is now gone

    Did anyone really assume that this pressure existed - after Brady's injury, after missing the playoffs?