In response to AZPAT's comment:


Please explain (or, is that "excuse") as to why, for 3 Qtrs, week in and week out with few exceptions, Goofy plays like Prince Charming, but gets hit with the Big Old Ugly Stick just as the refs blow the whistle to start the 4th Qtrs?

Must be that lousy defense..... or the RB's tryong to toss the rock all over the place.....  

I have documented the fact previously that Brady has been sacked on crucial engame drives in our 3 losses. Perhaps you missed that.


Face it. Those of your ilk basically expect Brady to throw up a 125 game with 3 TD passes to make up for deficiencies in the running game and defense. Guess what? He's probaly not going to throw 40+ TDs in a season as that has happened only 8 times in history.


I find it rather ludicrous that we lead the league in scoring per game yet people complain about WHEN we do the scoring. With a decent defense that can hold a lead they are staked to that wouldn't matter.