In response to ma6dragon9's comment:

Just wanted to mention that this thread was great. It never got 'polluted' and people were able to bounce different ideas around without anyone taking offense.

Too rare around here these days.

dfitzp - EXCELLENT point about the lack of 5/6th rounders. That's exactly what I thought. He wanted the guy, he got him...rather than hope to steal him in the 7th only to have someone take him in the 6th...then you're left with a player you didn't want as much.

And Bass - Yes, I absolutely notice that. BB has long hated ESPN, and the feeling is certainly mutual at this point. BB doesn't pay tribute to the high and mighty ESPN, and they can't take that. "F you Tom Jackson" sums it up pretty well.

Agree on the quality of the thread! No digressions into personal attacks, no extranious to other teams. Truly a forum of fans with different perspectives discussing them and adding insights. WOW.