Brady had a horrible 3rd quarter INT in the end zone that was severely underthrown to Moss in double coverage. VERY DUMB. Why bother to defer when we can never do anything with it?

Maroney's fumble at the goalline after an 89 yard drive, also in the 3rd quarter.

4th quarter prevent defense allowed Manning to pick us apart and prevent us from winning.

Misuse of timeouts and BB's risky 4th and 2.

After a day to let it sink in, not punting was dumb, but his reasoning after not getting the 1st down was COMPLETELY FLAWED. If we let Addai run it in the endzone we get the ball back with a minute left and can still win it with a field goal. Instead, we end up with 13 seconds and 2 wasted timeouts.

Yes BB goofed BIG TIME but he should of had a back up plan ready i.e. let the Colts score and try to win it with a FG in a dome with a FG kicker capable of hitting a long one.

Yes we are angry how it ended, i sure am, i feel like BB gave up after the bad call, i don't blame him for the loss on that one call but AFTER THE CALL and the prevent D that enabled PM to get in a rythm.

The 3rd quarter turnovers came back to haunt us.