The REAL statement made last night

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    Re: The REAL statement made last night

    "Wa wa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  The other one is that the Pats defense can't stop a team from going the length of the field with the game on the line."

    Let me sum the NFL weekend up for you and your pals: 

    1. Two very good playoff teams battled each other in one of the best NFL games of the season. One lost in controversial fashion, the entire world is discussing it. 

    2. Two very bad teams played each other, each with a great deal of uncertainty at the QB position. One team's starting QB got pulled due to his inability to throw the ball to his own team. The final score - Bills 36 Jets 14. Nobody in the world is discussing it. 

    That's the backdrop to the discussions taking place now. Why you are showing up here to take this pounding is beyond us.



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    Re: The REAL statement made last night

    In response to HeygangLH's comment:

    Good morning Gang! I personally didn't see the controversial call at the end of the game. I was dreaming about the Jets vs Giants SB this year at Met Life stadium.

    I did see the 1st half though and said out loud that the refs were trying to give the pats the game w some very questionable calls. I'm glad to hear that a call at the end of the game went against the pats for once.

    With the Tuck Rule ,the other rule that escapes me that went FOR the pats it's about time the pats took one in the teeth.

    Please STOP w the everybody hates the pats just once and try to losing with some dignity.The incessant whining every single time the pats lose MUST be stopped. Cowboy Up as you people like to say and take the loss like men.

    So is everybody planning on having a productive day or will you all sit in here to complain the day away?

    damn troll