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The Real Story

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    Re: The Real Story

    Get or develop?  I dunno.....the Jets got to Brady by scheming....that Coleman blitz was brilliantly disguised. 
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    Re: The Real Story

    Sounds like excuses to me.
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    Re: The Real Story

    In Response to The Real Story:
    Let's be honest, no one (not even us Koolaid drinkers) thought this was a Superbowl year for the Pats at the beginning of the season.  It was a rebuilding year with nearly half of the roster comprised of 1st or 2nd year players.  Nearly everyone was picking them to go 10-6 at best.  So all things considered, we had a hell of a year and should feel no shame.  And while we are considering things, consider this: 1.  Two of our most important players on defense were out before the season even started.  Ty Warren, Leigh Bodden. 2.  No pass rush.  We knew coming into the year we weren't going to have much of a pass rush, and it turned out to be even worse. 3.  A completely injury ridden Defensive Line.  Seriously, how many DL men did we put on the IR over the course of the year?  It was being held together with ductape and chewing gum.  Yes, we have Wilfork and that went a long way to making up for the rest of the line, but even superman could only do so much there. I'm not trying to make excuses, but let's face facts here.  As for the future, we have a fantastic position in the draft, and this is still a place where veterans want to come to try and get that ring.  We need help on both lines, a pass rusher, and a big physical receiver.  I believe we can get back to the promised land soon though, and we are closer today then we were at the beginning of the season. 
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    All football teams have injuries: Jets were missing 3 of their best DL men, plus Leonard, Woody, and Brad Smith. Also, Sanchez likely needs shoulder surgery.

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    Re: The Real Story

    Clay Matthews would have been nice, but you can't hit them all and we missed on him as a lot of teams did.  Butler had just as successful of a college career and Bill thought he was the more promising player (and we desperately needed corners) so he pulled the trigger there.  But as we all know, sometimes what you do in college, or even not do, doesn't equate to what's going to happen in the NFL.  We had a good draft that year, and a great draft last year.  Can only hope we have another great draft this year and add enough free agents where we can come in and make a very strong run.