The real transition

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    The real transition

    I think the Pat's have been preparing for Brady to walk away for a couple years now, and that's why they've been spending money on offence and drafting defence. 

    In 3 years or so, when Brady decideds he's had enough of the mini-camps, double sessions and marathon film sessions, and it's time to walk away, BB is going to have a pretty young defence because that's what he's spending all his picks on.  He's putting the cash into the offence in the meantime, if applicable.

    While he has the benefit of the best offence in the league, he can throw quantity at positions like DB, knowing that it really won't effect the outcome of MOST games.  As much as we'd all like to see these guys pan out, and I'm sure he would too, he's treating the draft like he did free agents in 2000.  And it's working. 

    I actually think defence, as the rules are trending, will be much less relevant anyways.  Until the rules start to swing back in the other direction.  Hopefully at that time, we'll have a legit defence comprised of a couple guys in their 3rd contracts, few guys in their 2nd contracts, most in their firsts.  I don't expect many high priced free agents.

    Who know's what our offence will be like at that time, O-Line should be solid.  TE will be locked down.  WR (as usual) will be a problem.  RB ~should~ be fine with some real young backs and hopefully our QB situation should still be solid, though who know's until the real bullets are flying.

    Do I just like the coolaide?  Maybe..  maybe not.

    I really do believe, though, that this is another example of BB playing chess while everyone else is shopping around for a good majic shop.

    Ok.  Kill me...
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    Re: The real transition

    I've said this before; the Pats brass needs a draft that does for the defense what the Gronk/Hernandez draft did for the offense. An upgrade at OLB and some playmakers in the secondary (CB/FS) and ofcourse the pass rush. Fans  have to be realistic; this might not happen with only one draft class.

    As for Brady retiring Hoyer knows the offense and Mallette is just potential at this point. Hard for me to believe there's another Brady lurking in 5th-7th rounds. Brady is a once in a generation player.