The reasons why Talib is a 'bad character' guy & some Positives

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    The reasons why Talib is a 'bad character' guy & some Positives


    Drafted 20th overall in 2008 by the Buccaneers, the highest-drafted Kansas player since 1981. One of two players in Bucs history to have three interceptions in one game (Week 4, 2009, vs. Redskins). NFC Player of the Week for Week 8 in 2010 for notching two picks (one returned for a touchdown) in a 3-point win over Arizona. Returned both of his interceptions in 2011 for touchdowns. His 18 interceptions since the start of the 2008 season rank seventh in the NFL. Also has 53 passes defensed in that span.


    Involved in a fistfight with a teammate during the NFL’s rookie symposium in 2008.

    Was suspended one game in 2010 for violating the NFL’s conduct policy, stemming from an offseason charge for simple battery.

    Hip injury landed him on injured reserve in 2010 season (11 games played).

    Indicted on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in May 2011, though charges were eventually dropped.

    Serving four-game suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs.end of story marker

    So he's been in 2 fights and threatened someone with a gun.  The gun thing I believed stemmed from a fight with his mothers boyfriend.  I'd shot someone for my momma too... but that is not reasonable for someone of his success.  He's 26 now and hopefully he wants to make some changes with his attitude. 

    If he was taking Adoral as his PED, then I guess he'll be switching to ridilin. 

    Outside of being a hot head (which is good for his position), there are not many question marks.  Just put your guns away and stop fighting people. 

    Worth a 4th?  I think so.  Being under a microscope it looks a little worse than it really is.  Hopefully he gets it together here.  Could be a big acquisition. 

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    Re: The reasons why Talib is a 'bad character' guy & some Positives

    He and his brother were cruel to a repeat sex offender, now in jail, who was messing with his sister.

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    Re: The reasons why Talib is a 'bad character' guy & some Positives

    Everyone's been bitchin' about how bad the secondary is.  This guy should be an upgrade. The  only real risk is losing a fourth round pick next year.  It's not like the Pats hit a homerun on all their fourth rounders anyway. 


    If he works out, great.  If not, get rid of him.  Corey Dillon, Randy Moss they were considered risks at the time.  Those worked out pretty well.  And when Moss started acting up he was gone.

    Talib gets a clean slate here in NE.  If he takes advantage of it, good for the Pats and him.  If not, get rid of him and it's back to where they were before.  No big deal.  I wouldn't cry over that lost fourth round pick.  The Pats have done better in the later rounds and with rookie free agents than with 2-4 round picks.

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