The recurring theme of mental toughness...

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    The recurring theme of mental toughness...

    Brady continues to bring up this issue in post-game interviews. All football players have some mental toughness , but Brady has played with players who have had more and went farther because of it. First year and second year guys need to learn toughness at the NFL level..its different...and Brady would know they need time to get it. But I don't think he saw enough of it in the veterans. Who showed it....Kevin Faulk, old school Patriot, and Wes Welker, tuff as nails, and Wilfork and Warren. But this team doesn't have Harrison, Dillon, McGinest, Bruschi, Vrabel, Brown, Branch,Givens...and it shows. Mental toughness is about the ability to learn more than your opponent,to think better, think stronger, and don't wilt. Brady didn't see enough of it this year..starting with Galloway...and quite a few others I think...and we just saw the results. This team needs some serious changes and BB better show he is mentally tough enough to make those changes,on and off the field, and make good changes. Who else showed mental toughness this year...who do you think didn't?
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    Re: The recurring theme of mental toughness...

    Obviously Belichick didn't see mental toughness as a necessity by trading Vrable and Seymour. I think BB is starting to think too highly of himself to think he can motivate a team by himself.