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the Rudgers Contingent

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    the Rudgers Contingent

    How many of the 6 current Rudgers rookies will be on the 53 roster this year?  I say 3.        

    Harmon (S), and Ryan (CB) only because BB doesn't want to admit his draft mistakes and Harrison (WR) because of his immense potential, despite his character concerns.

    How many of the current 9 Rudgers players on the team next year?  I say 2. 

    McCourty (CB / S), and Francis (DL).  None of the current rookies!  

    How many of the 9 total Rudgers players on the team in two years?  I say 1.                      McCourty  

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    Re: the Rudgers Contingent

    unfortunately your probably very close on the numbers.

    "Giggedy, Giggedy!"