The Saints got caught. 

They won the Super Bowl.  They got to keep the trophy. 

What did the Saints do wrong?  They got caught.  Some coach snitched.  The Saints had a team-wide bounty system, pay a healthy bonus for team success through pain.  In a league where a Super Bowl victory might easily be valued at $100 million in increased ticket prices and TV revenue, what is a $20k bounty on some kid's knee?  1/5000 of profits? 

I'm bummed because my prediction software gives accurate results in the regular season and has often been giving inaccurate results in the postseason.  Usually it's one team, the Saints, the Giants, the Ravens, that suddenly catches fire and outperforms in the postseason.  I don't have a good explanation.

If you were a coach with a slush fund and you wanted to establish a better bounty system than the stupid Saints, you could go to each starter separately and say, "Not one word to anyone, ever, not a player, not an assistant coach,about this.  $20k bounty if you knock one of the opponents out of the game, and make it $30k if the refs say it's legal. "  You could payoff for playoff games only, where the owner's big money is on the line, and avoid regular season games because you might get caught if you did this too often. 

Do you think that any NFL coach would consider this nuclear option?