The Salary Cap !!!

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    The Salary Cap !!!

    Fu*? The cap !!!! Tom Brady deserves better !!! I don`t care if they go over .. Like they can`t afford it ??? BB NEEDS HELP FUIGURING OUT THE MARKET !! And the reality of Tom not being around much longer !! And he BB.... has handcuffed this team with bottom feeders since 07 !! Should have gotten better after 07 !! not regressed !! If you don`t like my post !! to  Bad !! Me and freinds !!life long fans are pissed !!!!!

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    Re: The Salary Cap !!!

    You have every right to be pissed as a fan! This constantly refusing to spend doesn't fly. They are not going to sign Edelman either and they still haven't gained any cap space, they have 6 bums sucking down a lot of cap space, close to 20 million dollars and none of them have been restructured, I start with Wilfork and Mankins, Connolly, should have already cut Sopoaga, even Mayo should have ponied up! 3 of these guys are allegedly team leaders. Wow two years in a row the best players on the Patriots have been stolen away by Bucky Beaver and Goober Pyle! Oh well BB's turn to either s hit or get off the pot....