The secondary coaches.

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    Re: The secondary coaches.

         Somebody needs to sit down and objectively determine why the secomndary is the mess that it is. Does the blame fall on BB for all his poor draft choices? The list of failures is frightful, even when considered so close to Halloween:

    1.) FS Brandon Meriweather, 24th overall in 2007;

    2.) CB Terrence Wheatly, taken 62nd overall in 2008;

    3.) SS Patrick Chung, taken 34th overall in 2009;   

    4.) CB Darius Butler, taken 41st overall in 2009;

    5.) CB Devin McCourty, taken 27th overall in 2010;

    6.) CB Ras-I Dowling, taken 33rd overall in 2011.

         Though the homers can correctly argue that both Chung and McCourty have made some positive contributions, the facts are that neither player is good in coverage. Though there may be hope for McCourty as a safety, Chung seems to have bottomed out, after all the injuries.

         Or...does the blame fall on assistant coach Josh Boyer, who coaches the secondary...or DC Matt Patricia?

         The many draft mistakes appear to be taking their toll on our beloved Pats, and BB. Whether it's the poor drafts or coaching, or a combination of the two, changes need to be made. I've always felt that BB has taken too much on himself. Most of the other top teams in the league have first rate, high paid, veteran assistants. The Pats, for whatever reason, have refused to go that route. Change in this philosophy is long overdue.

         Tom Brady turns 36 next year. If the Pats don't deeply advance in the play-offs this season, it's time to start a full-fledged rebuilding process. This would including trading Tom Brady to a QB needy team, like the 49ers. The deal makes a ton of sense, for both teams. The 49ers have a solid defense, and a strong OL. Brady could be the missing piece for them to get to the SB. For the Pats, though parting with the "Terrific One" would be not so sweet sorrow, they'd be doing Tom a favor by sending him to a team that has the personnel to prolong his career...and give him a legitimate opportunity at another championship...not to mention playing near his home town.

         For the Pats, they would be the likely recipients of, say, two #1 draft choices, and two second rounders. They will need these picks to rebuild their defense, and OL. Doing this would be better than keeping Tom in New England, and evolving into a team that would be playoff fodder, at best.        

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    Re: The secondary coaches.

    I've been saying it for weeks now...thinking outside the box, suggesting that the Pats bring Mangini back into the fold as secondary coach.  His guys would progress and get better...then after he left, the guys slowly got worse...Eugene Wilson fell off the face of the Earth...Samuel was still a ball hawk, but not nearly as disciplined.  He got guys like Troy Brown, Earthwind Moreland, Randall Gay, and Hank Poteat, play good enough football to get us to the SB and win it.


    It did help we had one of the smartest safeties in his prime in Rodney Harrison back there against the Eagles. 


    It's not just the CBs that need help...I'd say the safety play has been so atrocious that it's making our CBs look worse than they probably actually are. 


    I think Eric Mangini would make the raw talent WE DO HAVE, a ton better...he's done more with a lot less.