The Sleeping Giant Speaks.....

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    Schadenfreude?  I think a lot of people are hoping for Big Al to fail, including some posters here.  Lots of NE sports fans aren't happy unless they're miserable, and the best way to be miserable is to nitpick players.  Big Al is depth with upside, and they'll live with or without him.   
    Posted by CablesWyndBairn

    Ever has it been thus.

    Damn Calvinists.

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    Re: The Sleeping Giant Speaks.....

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    Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth took a few minutes at the end of the open-locker room session today to talk about the Cowboys and his progress up to this point in the season. Haynesworth played 21 snaps against the Jets on Sunday, mostly in sub packages, after missing the previous two contests due to a back issue. Of the Cowboys, whom he faced twice a season during his tenure with the Redskins, he said, "Regardless of what you would think, they’re a really good team and Tony Romo’s a really good quarterback. He can be streaky sometimes but most of the time he’s on point. We just have to get after him. "They never give up, that team is extremely good. You look at their record, they lost some tough games but the teams they beat are all top of their divisions right now. So I wouldn’t count the Cowboys out – I think they’re a really good team and they’ve taken to coach (Jason) Garrett. "The whole team’s unpredictable. They can do a lot of things – you can’t just watch one game and say ‘this is what they’re going to do.’" As for his own play, Haynesworth was asked about his role to this point. "The more I play, the more familiar I can get. Coach is not going to rush anything and he wants me to get my feet under me so I can play well," he said, and intimated that physically he still isn't 100 percent. "I feel ok. I’m still trying to shake some things or whatever. But as time goes, I’m feeling better and better and more comfortable in the whole scheme of things (and) what I’m doing." Haynesworth also called himself a perfectionist on the field. "I wouldn’t say I’m satisfied – if I’m not making every tackle, every sack, every pass defense, you know, I’m not satisfied. I’m ok with it but I want to definitely increase and get a lot better and I want them to see what I can do. "Even ask my mom – doesn’t matter, I’ve had games when I was with the Titans I had three sacks, a couple of tackles for loss and things like that and she’s like ‘how’d you play? You played great.’ And I was like ‘yeah, I played ok.’ So I guess I will be. I want to be the best at what I do at all times, never want to slack. If I make a tackle for a one-yard gain, it should have been for a one-yard loss and if I make a sack, I think I should have had a sack, a strip and pick up the fumble." How long until he feels he's at his best? "Hey, only God knows that question," he said. very encouraging words right?.  Lets hope he follows through and makes me eat my words.  I am hoping to eat some big Al crow at some point this year, but its gonna take more than words for me...  C'mon big fella!! 
    Posted by JayShizzle45

    Maybe Bill should speak to his mom and see if she can motivate Albert just a bit more.  After all he said the reporter could ask his mom, maybe Bill should too.

    Really, I have no issues with his play, I just want him to play somewhat more.  In the offing I hope.
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    Re: The Sleeping Giant Speaks.....

    If Al becomes a pro-bowl caliber guy by playoff time, we will have hit a home run with acquiring him. He is well worth being patient with.

    Now, 85 can go anytime, but we have too much money locked up in him.
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    Re: The Sleeping Giant Speaks.....

    you dont think we could have used Ocho in last years playoff lost??

    Brady had noone to throw to.  Our defense gave up 28, but thats because the offense was stuck in the mud and too stubborn to run and gave N.Y. to many oppty's.  Is Benny that much better now than he was in January?

    I want both to succeed here, but to say one is more valuble than the other, IDK

    The offense looks great most weaks but the right teams can bottle us up and when that happens thats when Ocho's value should be seen and as long he is healthy I think he is just as important on offense unless they actually decide to RUN in the playoffs than that helps alot and makes it less important for chad to produce