The Super Bowl for Dummies.

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    Re: The Super Bowl for Dummies.

    Even if I did what you wanted, it's not much different than posting the drive summaries of constant 3 and outs and halves where they don't really move the ball or ever score any points. Some here think it's irrelevant. They can't connect the fact that Goodell wants offenses to score points and it's harder on Ds nowadays and how it's hypocritical to excuse Brady and how he runs the offense

    What 3 & outs are you talking about?  Surely not the Pats O that is at the top of the heap in 1st downs.  You do realize that teams do get 3 & outs, right?
    That is except when they play the Pats D, then they don't have to worry about that 50% of the time.  You do realize that the Pats  D was last in 3rd down conversions, Right?
    You do realize that no team scores in every quarter right? (at least not consistently)  That is especially true when they only touch the ball twice in every quarter.  Less touches=less scoring.  Right?   Did the jinxs score in every quarter?  NOPE!  Teams only score on 1/3rd of their possessions on average!  1/3rd of 8 possessions means 3 scores and there are 4 quarters.
    That is, unless they are playing the Pats.  Then for some strange reason it jumps up tp 50%.  Strange, isn't it?
    You and laz can list all the Offensive stats you want.  Just don't forget to list the Defensive stats that coincide with those Offensive ones.
    The Pats O may have slipped in a few categories but the D is worse in all of them.  ALL OF THEM!
    And if you don't believe that the D slipping in all categories is at least in part responsible for the O slipping in some, then there is no help for you.
    Put it this way, if half the pistons fail on an engine, the others have to work harder to maintain and the whole f'n car is less efficient and eventually fails.
    The Pats have been running on half pistons for years.  Not so in the SB years, all 8 were hummin.
    That's the real picture!  Like it or not.
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    Re: The Super Bowl for Dummies.

    Notice once again that in the strange world of Babe there was never a safety and no INTs.
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    Re: The Super Bowl for Dummies.

    Belichick sucks
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