The Telegraphic Offense

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    The Telegraphic Offense

    I was going to post this under the "Hernandez Effect", because the loss of Hernandez makes the Pats O more predictable, but thought I would start a new post given it's bigger than Hernandez and speaks to years past, and our predictability on offense. Not sure if this is really Brady's fault, or more of McD's play calling, but obviously the Cards keyed in on some things Brady was doing and were able to align accordingly. 

    In the attached link, Cards DC Horton talks about Brady "tipping" what plays the offense was going to run by either being under center or in the shotgun. The Cards were able to key in on what the Pats were going to do.

    I know it's not rocket science, but the Pats got to mix things up more. I liked the play calling in game 1 (maybe it was just better execution), but game 2 seemed pretty stale. Game 2 reminded me of the 1st SB against the Giants, and how predictable the Pats became by end of season allowing D's to get after them. 

    Whose fault is it? Brady or McD or both? Will integrating Winslow into this offense or going 3 wide with Branch back make a difference? How do the Pats keep it fresh to keep D's guessing? 

    This espeically concerns me with the porous interior Oline play going up against a monster team like Baltimore.

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    Re: The Telegraphic Offense

    I thought it was Billy O'Brien's fault . . .

    In all seriousness, though, I've looked through the plays and that Pats weren't nearly so predictable as Horton claims--at least based on whether Brady was in the shotgun or not.  Maybe there were other more subtle tip offs, but the Pats ran plenty out of the shotgun and passed plenty with Brady under center so the trend Horton reports doesn't really show up that strongly in the game. 

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    Re: The Telegraphic Offense

    There's another thread on this about half way down....just saying. Not likely people will chime in on both.

    NOT admonishing, I did the same thing accidentally with Sabol's passing yesterday.

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    Re: The Telegraphic Offense

    It cracks me up what happens after we lose a game...every moron comes cralling out of the woodwork screaming they know how to beat us.

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    Re: The Telegraphic Offense

    I don't think we lost because we were predictable. We lost because we could not stop the up the middle pass rush...plain and simple. It's the classic way to stop a pocket passer like Brady.

    The O line was out matched.

    And...we don't have a back anymore that can pass block.