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The Thread Was Deleted/Censored

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    Re: The Thread Was Deleted/Censored

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    All I read was abandoning the run and then I stopped.

    Hey did you catch Benny's masterful day today? 17 carries for 56 yards (a 3.3 average). You still believe we should of just kept feeding this guy the ball last year? He's 22nd (at least before today) in rushing despite being Cincy's "lead" back this year. He has three touchdowns and three fumbles, he has something like 8 catches. After a week off to rejuvinate his 27 year old legs he only manages 53 yards against the 15th ranked run defense in the NFL? And this was a close game too.

    Some of us realized long ago that Benny was nothing more than a backup (you weren't one of them). He's a good guy, tries hard, but in the end you "abandon" the run when he is your back. You've got to. 

    Figure out why we are running more this year yet? It's because we have better runners - it's not because of mean Tom Brady telling Belichick and O'Brien what to do.

    I always thought Law Firm was a good back; not special, just got the most yards that HE could get on a play. It was clearly time to move on, as much better natural talent sprung up in the Pats backfield.

    That said, it is a little disingenuous to bash Benny over his performance in Cincy. Watching the game today, neither Gayle Sayers nor Jim Brown nor Barry Sanders nor Adrian Peterson could have gained much behind that woeful line. Seemed like two out of three carries, he was getting hit within a split-second after Dalton gave him the ball.

    I posted on another thread that Steven Jackson was averaging only 3.7 a carry going into the game against the Pats. He is clearly a beast of a runner, but without holes a back just can't do much, especially someone like BJGE, who runs with strength rather than cuts and moves.

    The guy has heart. He's just getting beaten up in Cincy.

    Well I must say I disagree with you - two weeks ago it was reported that teams simply crowd the middle when they face Benny. Why? Because they know he can't get outside. So all teams are doing is taking away the only thing he can in one direction (straight ahead) without having to make a cut or move. If it looks like he is getting nailed right away, it's because he leaves his team at a disadvantage do to his limited skill. If the guy had any burst, moves or ability to cut, teams wouldn't be able to do that to the Bengals.

    Okay, we can agree to disagree. I was merely reporting what I witnessed with my own eyes, after watching the entire Bengals-Broncos game today.

    I can't speak to the league's defensive schemes against the Bengals, because I don't care to follow them, so you may be right in that teams are crowding the middle (although if that were the case, seems the QB should be calling audible throws to the outside to spread them out). But I can speak to the fact that their guards and tackles were being consistently dominated, one-on-one, at the line of scrimmage. Seriously, I can recall at least a half dozen runs where BJGE had barely taken the handoff before the DT had plowed into his rib cage. Everyone knows Law Firm lacks explosiveness, but he was never accused of being a dancer, a la Maroney. Getting to the LOS was never his problem; getting 20 yards past it, when a nice hole opened up, was.

    No matter how you slice it, any objective eye would conclude that Cincy's O-Line is just beyond atrocious. As a unit, they are far, far worse than the Pats' secondary, at the moment.


    I'll agree he is not a dancer and I'd go so far to say that he is a decent backup running back. The point I was trying to make is that Benny is not reason enough to be a focus point of an offense. That has been the argument on here for over a year now because some believe the ball should of been taken out of Brady's hands and put into his.

    Benny to me was the type of runner that everything had to be blocked perfectly for him to run successfully, and I don't think that is something that you can win with. Some of the holes this guy had a chance to run through last season were plenty big enough for a lot of NFL backs, but Benny couldn't make a cut and change his direction to get into them. I'm not saying Ridley is going to the hall of fame, but he can at least make those cuts without losing all his speed and explosiveness - in my opinion Benny couldn't.

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