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The Train Has Left The Station........

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    The Train Has Left The Station........

    but the players missed it.

    Patriots peaked in the middle of the 2007 season.  Teams have adapted to the Patriots offense - and the Patriots have not done anything to adapt accordingly.

    The offensive line held their own relative to preventing sacks today - but they aren't suited to a running game.

    Granted, Brady needs time to get his timing back - but I swear he has become a cheap imitation of Peyton Manning at the line of scrimmage. Yes, he's making adjustments at the line, but he's gotta be a little quicker than today.

    Galloway  - where is his head at? Edelman - I like him (even though he missed a couple too. He needs to replace Galloway when Welker comes back.

    TEs - where were they today? Our punting was terrible - and our kick/punt coverage wasn't very good today either. Giving Leon Washington about 30-35 a pop? I don't think so.

    I'm not saying our players aren't competitors....but where is the emotion?

    And the offensive play calling is so unimaginative (given our personnel) that it makes me sick to my stomach. When we had the Jets deep in their endzone and they had 3rd and long - yes, we dropped guys back  - and it blew up in our face. A blitz at that time would have been nice - just to put pressure on Sanchez.

    The Jets deserved to win this game. kudos to them.

    Just's a long season and we will have to get better quick.

    Oh, yeah....we need to bring in some Wildcat - not as a main part of offense, but just to change things up a little.  And why aren't we doing no huddle more often?

    and, yes, our red zone D still bites. Can we now say our offense bites too?
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    Re: The Train Has Left The Station........

    how did the pats peak in the 07 season..

    look at 08 if the QB didnt go down or the RB or the LB..08 would have been 15 and 1..14 and peak i dont know..

    This year i think is alot like 06. they will win 11-14 games. it all depends would that be good enough..

    becase all years are different. but the teams are very similar.

    but things may change