The Troubled Brandon Marshall??

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    Re: The Mess That is Brandon Marshall

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    In Response to Re: The Mess That is Brandon Marshall : RESPONSE: Nobody here is saying that mental illnesses are not real. But, there are some who allege such illnesses for whenever it suits them. But shouldn't we give the benefit of the doubt to those who are diagnosed and confirmed by the top pyschiatric hospitals in the country?   RESPONSE: How does that negate my statement that practically all criminals have such problems? I didn't say that only criminals have such problems. I didn't negate your statement at all.   No offense, NY-Pats. I understand your sensitivity. I too know of such people who have had to deal with the sad, unfortunate symptoms of mental illness. But, those whom I've known have been bipolar, or schizophrenic. But, "borderline personality disorder"?? Sorry...but I have my doubts.  And as I said earlier, we have only just begun to study mental illness. Surgery on animals goes as far back as Galen in ancient Rome; surgery on humans has been happening for more than 1,000 years. But the word Alzheimer's didn't even come into existence until 100 years ago, because medical science did not study the brain. RESPONSE: I find that most who aren't treated don't know themselves to have a problem...until their symptoms start to manifest themselves, or they start hurting or attempting to hurt themselves, or others. Those who wish to go to a therapist sometimes fear being labeled as "crazy". The new Obamacare makes it less likely that these people will seek help...because the government will have access to their medical records, and thus be able to invade the privacy of such individuals.      Where do we draw the line on taking responsibility for ones own actions? Should we always blame it on some type of personality disorder? Would you concede that at least some people use mental illness or alleged disorders to excuse themselves from the consequences of their bad acts? Of course, people must responsible for their acts. If Brandon Marshall commits a murder, he should go to prison, period. But here's the thing: When an athlete who runs a 4.4 40-yard dash tears an  achilles tendon, we immediately understand that he's not going to run 4.4 again any time soon; further, we understand that he must then seek medical help for his injury. But what if popping an achilles resulted in an athlete not eating for several days; or attempting suicide; or not being able to distinguish between ordinary actions like cutting the hedges from extraordinary actions like cutting his wife's face? Would we have the same medical understanding then? It's easy to dispatch with terms like "borderline personality disorder" because they are so foreign to we laymen without chemical imbalances, just as torn anterior cruciate ligaments are foreign to most of us who are not athletes. But brain doctors are waay behind sports medicine doctors in the comprehensiveness of their knowledge, and there will be far more discoveries of brain illnesses over the next century than of all other illnesses in the history of medicine. We should not dismiss things we do not understand, because when we do, we stigmatize those who really need help before they are alienated into violent sociopathy.
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         You could be right, NY. Thanks for the interesting discussion.

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