The Pats are a middle of the pack football team. Bill Parcels would say we are what we are. That's reality. What I don't like is that this team has some really soft  players that have to go. We get zero pressure on the the opposing QB! Thomas and Burgess are invisible. Thomas gives you nothing. That guy has to go! The Pats CBs are put in tough place when the QB can stand back there all day and wait for his WRs to get open. Here's a question for you. How much is a shut down CB worth in today's pass happy NFL? The Patriots waited too long to attempt to resign Assante Samuel!! The Steelers and Colts lock up their key guys. Not the Pats. This is where I think Belichick is somewhat arrogant. He thinks all he has to do is plug in a player and the Pats will keep winning. Forget about talent. He can coach them up.
 The other point I want to make is they have too many guys like Ben Watson who lay soft with no passion! That guy has to go! He has more talent in his little finger but no heart or fire. He need a tough hard nosed TE that will fight for the ball!!  Also why is a guy like Slater even on the roster?  
 Brady is a fighter. Welker is a fighter. Vince Wilfork is a fighter (but will he be with the team next year).. Mayo is a player. Volmer and Edelman play with heart and are good young players. 
What has Belichick given Brady for WRs? Welker and Moss but what else? A special team player in Aikens and  a second year player in Stanback who was a QB from Univeristy of Washington. Now I like Aikens but they need a stud at the other WR position not a special teams ace. As for Moss, he should never have been named a team captain. He can make the greatest catches but I don't like relying on him. In physical games Moss disappears. Bottom line is get in his face and hit often and he will fade. Once he checks out of the game all Brady has is Welker or Falk to throw to. That's why I think we dink and dunk all those five yards passes. 

Bottom line: A. Thomas, Burgess, Ben Watson have to go! The Pats need more talent on both sides of the ball to compete. These next two off seasons are big for the Pats. We are rebuilding. Period!
AFC East is really weak as the Pats will end up winning the division.