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The Way I See It

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    The Way I See It

    Some observations about The Game and the season in general.


    The Game:


    *Very competitive game that came down to a couple of plays.

    *Gronk was hurting.  Give him credit for being out there but he was nowhere near himself.  Pretty obvious from my perspective.

    *I am as big a Tom Brady fan as there is but Brady made two glaring errors that were contributors to the Pats loss/Giants win.  The first was that intentional grounding penalty.  He had choices as to where to throw the ball away and made a poor one.  The second was the pick down the field.  He was throwing to a hurting Gronk and then threw a duck of a pass.  He had other much better options.  Similar in my view to the pick he threw against the Ravens.

    *Pats made mistakes/missed opportunities:

                -Mayo facing the wrong way on the Eli TD pass to Cruz.  Had he been facing the LOS he’s potentially got a pick and a big return

                -Moore strip fumble of Cruz that didn’t matter cuz Pats had 12 defenders on field;

                -2 Giants fumbles NOT recovered by Pats

                -Ninko off-side on an Eli incompletion that would have resulted in a Giants punt late in game

                -dropped passes by Branch and Hernan at critical junctures

                -There were other mistakes/missed chances but those stick out in my mind.

    *After the Tuck sack of Brady, Tom was not the same.  I am convinced that left shoulder was separated on that play.

    *Defense, particularly the d-backs, played well.

    *All of the above being in the context of the game, it came down to two plays, in my opinion:  One play that was not made and one play that was.  The play not made was the pass to Welker with +/- 4 mins to go. Welker didn’t catch a ball that he typically does.  The play made was the Manningham catch of an incredibly well thrown ball by Eli.  Moore was in position, Chung was in position and the ball was thrown the only catchable place.  Manningham held on with both feet down despite a good pop from Chung.


    The season:


    How many of us, in mid season, honestly thought we would be rehashing the Pats Super Bowl appearance on this Monday?  I can tell you that I did not think the team would get this far.  Am I disappointed that the Pats did not win this one?  Of course.  Do I think the season is a failure as a consequence?  Of course not. 


    Well done , Pats, on a most excellent season.  I remain a proud New England Patriots fan.

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    Re: The Way I See It

    Agreed. A healthy Gronk would have been the difference IMO. All those plays that were left on the field drove me nuts all game but it is what it is.

    I do know that this team will continue to be great and we might just be back in it next year.

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    Re: The Way I See It

    It was a solid season, and we progressed to the SB by sheer luck. Let's face it, the Patriots beat a team that they're supposed to beat (denver), and we did get lucky with the Ravens.

    At the end of the day, the Patriots lost the SB because of both their offensive and defensive weaknessed that we all have talked about this year.

    No biggie. Their record exceeded my expectations. Their play frustrated the hell out of Laughing

    To next year......

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    Re: The Way I See It

    Wasn't making any excuses, Rusty, simply offering what I saw in the game and the way I view the season.  That said, I don't disagree with much of what you've posted.
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    Re: The Way I See It

    The thing that kills me about Bradys pick was that it was on a first down, same as the one he threw in the Ravens game. If it was a 3rd and 10, sure maybe take a shot like that. But on a first and 10, near midfield and you are driving, throw the f---ing ball away...
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    Re: The Way I See It


    I think this loss was a microcosm of the season: Brady's gaudy stats eclipsed the fact that Brady has made some very bad decisions to throw long or at all when the right play was a little dink or a run.  And, as I wrote before this game, Brady is a HOT -n- COLD player.  Has been for years, now. 

    The intentional grounding was the correct call.  That set the tone for the whole game.  I really think that is when the Pats lost.  But the pass to Gronk reaffirmed that Brady has a propensity to make bad plays under pressure or for lack of desperation. (Or do I mean, "impatience?) 

    I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer leading up to the game, so I made a 30-20 prediction for a Pats win.  But secretly, I had a feeling they would lose, despite MHK and all.  I thought Brady would get crushed by the pass rush, but that really didn't play-out.  But he did make the BIG MISTAKES at key junctures to set the team up for losing.

    As for the Welker drop?  That is not fair.  He had hands on it, but it would have been a surprising catch, even for him.

    To me, the key drop was the last pass to Branch.  It was right to him and he only had to beat one defender to the EZ.  It was inexcusable on his part.

    Despite the one huge mistake of 12-men, the D played very, very well.  Like you have been claiming all season, they are better than their stats.  The O put them in horrible situations, and yet they only yielded a modicum of points, especially considering 4 of them were intentional. They were all after the ball.  The ball just didn't bounce their way.

    As for the coaching, shame on them for playing Gronk and barely playing Chad.  Chad had the best catch of the game, then they filed him away.  What a waste.  Also, why did they virtually retire Woodhead when he was make play-after-play?  He should have been and would have been the MVP if they had continued to use him.  Same with Green-Elllis. And I hate that they cut Underwood the night before the game.,  There are some things you just don't do and that was one of them.  Yet another impactful coaching blunder in their last four post-season losses.

    Now this is directed at Z: Still don't think the ground game is needed to win the big, tough games?  This game underscored how a run game wins the game.  The Giants were able to run, which opened their passing, and continued to do so throughout the game in key situations.  They won.  The Pats were able to run, but decided to pass more as the game progressed, and especially when they needed to run most, on their next-to-last possession, and the Pats lost. Go ahead, whip out your stats.  You will still be wrong. Four Pats post season losses and in all four, they either were running well and abandoned it (to pad Brady's stats?), or they started to run too late and time ran down.  They continue to abandon the fundamental rule that you rn the ball to control the game and the clock.  I am amazed the D held p as well as they did, considering.

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    Re: The Way I See It

    P.S. - Was it my imagination, or did Mankins have another spotty game?  He weakly gave up the hit that crushed Brady's shoulder.  He was also lax on at least one of the batted passes, when he could have been blocking (Piere-Paul?) so that the defender could not jump to tip the ball? And other stuff.

    And Light was great again. 

    Yeah Rusty, Moore, Chung and Spikes played well.  Love and Wilfork were getting double-teamed, so we didn't see much pressure.  Even McC had a good game.  Defense made one, big mistake.  Offense made many. 
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    Re: The Way I See It

    All true and good post and what I have written everywhere else on here already.

    The hardest part for me to not be PO'd about is that both of Brady's turnovers were nothing more than VERY poor decisions.

    They were NOT "great" plays by the Giant D.

    No need for either one of them.

    That's 9 points and 11:01 in time of possession lost.
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    Re: The Way I See It

    In Response to Re: The Way I See It:
    Will Josh McDaniels be this guy? I don't know. Considering his huge ego, I am not sure. I'd love to be proven wrong.
    Posted by RustyGriswold

    I hope so. I hope McDaniels kick Brady's butt that he needs to be smart, not throwing like 40+ like Peyton manning.

    He is better than O'Brien though.
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    Re: The Way I See It

    So I guess it is safe to say that Brady will go down as one of the top five, but not the greatest.  I think that ship has sailed.  For all doubters, don't forget that Brady's stats have been greatly enhanced by the modern rules.  And it was special teams and defense that were the stars of his first three Super Bowls. 

    Montana first.  Then it gets tough for me between Unitias, Graham, Bradshaw, Staubach, Aikman and Brady.  And if Eli gets another SB, he would have to be in consideration for top five, in all fairness. Though he is inconsistent in the regular season, the guy was very smart yesterday.  No glitz, but no stupid plays, plus making the big plays when they had to be made. 
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    Re: The Way I See It

    Has the Pats 10 yr remarkable run come to an end? IMHO a resounding NO! At 34, Brady has 3 perhaps 4 more yrs to win ring #4. All season long Pats fans of which I'm one have railed abt their lack of a deep threat WR and deficiencies on the DL, LB, CB and S. When it became obvious that Gronk was hurting and nothing more than a decoy I told my wife it's ova. The D stepped up, the O didn't. I hope BB uses his 2 #1 draft picks to address glaring deficiencies but knowing BB, he'll trade a #1 for picks next yr. The future is now.  
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