There is a reason

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    Re: There is a reason

    It still doesn't excuse the fact that the franchise charged money to watch the team quit.  Quitting is one of the few things in football that are inexcusable (along with purposely injuring other players).

    THAT'S what my dad's upset about - and he damn well should be upset if he's going to pay $720 for 4 tickets and another $80 for food and parking to watch a team roll over and not try.

    So yes, I respect Belichick's tremendous career and can only dream of doing half as much if I ever pursue my dream of getting involved in football again, but no I'm not going to let this thread slide without speaking on behalf of angry fans who paid money to attend that sh*tshow.
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    Re: There is a reason

    Bobby Bowden had past glory as well. See if you can figure out my point.
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    Re: There is a reason

    There is a reason

    posted at 1/14/2010 8:43 PM EST
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    Belichick is running the Pats and you are not. 

    Belichick has 30+ years of coaching experience, 5 superbowl rings, at least 6 SB appearances, the most wins any coach ever got in a decade, and yet many (im)posters here fantasize about how they could do a better job building the Pats. Its effing laughable.  Belichick knows more about football, evaluating talent, building a staff, and directing a team than all of posters here combined.  As other criticize and give credit to others like Weis, Crennel, Pioli and Parcells, consider under Belichick:

    Benched/cut Terry Glenn setting the stage for "team first"

    Stuck with Brady over Bledsoe when Bledsoe returned to health

    Refused to be held hostage every time a player put a gun to his head - it led to sustained success.  Of all the big names that people whine about, McGinest, Damien Woody, Milloy, Law, Branch, Samuel, Crennel, Weis, Bruschi, Harrison, Vrabel, and Seymour, only Samuel went on to really produce after he left the Patriots.  And he did not produce at a level that justifies his salary.  Belichick made the right call on EVERY SINGLE one.

    Led the Pats to 5 AFCCG's, 4 SB's, 3 rings, 8 playoffs, and 0 losing seasons in ten years.  After a horrible 2005 campaign, he follows up with an AFCGG (robbed of a SB appearance) and 18-1 season. 

    Got Welker for a second round pick and Moss for a 4th rounder - whiners criticized that draft.  Tell me what team got approximately 200 receptions, 2000 yards and 20 TDs each year from their 2006 2nd and 4th round picks?

    Has positioned us, in our rebuilding years, to have financial flexibility, a franchise QB, a strong 2009 draft, and 7 picks in the first two rounds of the next two drafts.

    Any moron that thinks Bill doesn't know how to rebuild this team to superpower status again has not been paying attention the last decade!  

    Best post ever.  But let's not forget to give credit to Pees!  Tongue out
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    Re: There is a reason

    AT LAST! Someone who posts something intelligent. How many times have I heard "The dynasty is over" and crap like that for the last few weeks. BS! TWO years ago we were 18 and 1; last year we were one of the only 11-5 teams in HISTORY not to have made the playoffs. This year we were still 10-6, even with an offense that never seemed to get off the ground.

    We have a bunch of draft picks in the early rounds this year, and just drafted a bunch of players who look like they will be good if not great - Vollmer, Butler, Chung, Pryor, etc... and grabbed McGowan who looks to be a starter next year. Plus we have some unknowns with very good upside - Tate and McKenzie.

    We have the talent of a superbowl team. All we need is to develop the leadership and then restaff the coaching tree. Patriot Reign is not quite over! Not yet!

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    Re: There is a reason

       I disagree strongly with you on Samuel. Even Rodney said they needed to pay him. I believe he has made the pro bowl both years in Philly. He may not be a great tackler, to say the least, but he was a hell of a playmaker. Remember the Chargers playoff game in 2006. I think Rivers threw only one or two passes in his direction the whole game. I understand why they couldn't match Philly's offer but almost everyone seems to agree that they could have extended him earlier but they underrated him. Bill clearly understood how good he was by the end (after all he did franchise him), but by then they would have to break the bank to sign him. Watching Hobbs, Delta O'neill, wilhite and Wheatley play these pasr two years I'm sure Bill knows they made a mistake and he has regrets. 
       Bill's a great coach but he's human and he makes mistakes that cost the team at times. When you are succesful others copy you and it's hard to stay ahead. Chuck Noll did not become an idiot in 1980 a year after winning his last superbowl. It's a competitive business and their are other good coaches and GM's in the league. I for one don't think Bill has lost his fire or marbles but I think the Patriots were undisciplined on defense and entirably too predictable on offense this year. I would argue this was his worst year coaching since taking over. I actually thought 2008 was maybe his best year coaching or maybe McDaniels was the difference maker for Cassel. My point is he is a great coach but the players are the key to championships. Noll wasn't a genius in the 70's and a moron in the 80's. The talent level went down and the super bowls never came back.
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    Re: There is a reason

    Pass the kool-aid!
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