They Must Protest

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    Re: They Must Protest

    Mike Pereira also just said on Felger and Mazz that the Delanie Walker "fumble" should have been called an incomplete pass. Which I was questionable about when I saw on the field.

    Also, not sure if people noticed this, but sometime during the 4th quarter when I believe we were down, the Pats sacked Kaepernick but for some reason, the clock stopped. This has been brought up on the radio a couple of times.

    That Lloyd PI that set us up on the 5 was also questionable. Looked like a flop by Lloyd.

    So while you want to complain about the 49ers benefitting form the refs, you need to be objective, and realize the Pats got calls that went their way too.

    The ball did not bounce our way like it did against HOU. How many fumbles did SF have compared to how many they lost? Plain and simple, the 49ers beat the Pats

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    Re: They Must Protest

    Sure glad to see the Regulars back at work, eh?

    Sorry, but I didn't see a single black and white striped shirt coughing up the ball, of intercepting a pass, or allowing Brady to test out how clean the detergent is in getting oiut grass stains. I didn't see a sinvgle one of them playing DB allowing "GASHING" passes, as in the old days (ie: earlier this season), nor play like a 6 yd old on special teams.  

    Get over yourself. The Pats were playing like the recent Cardinals last night for 2 1/2 qrtrs. They deserved to loose the way they got shoved all over THEIR field. I don't know if I was more embarrassed for 2 1/2 qtrs last night for the Pats, or the 2nd Qtr fiasco we all enjoyed Thanksgiving night, courtesy of the JESTS! Either way....

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    Re: They Must Protest

    The punt return appeared to not touch the returner; the players reacted to the funny bounce, which occurred a few inches from his body; given their vantage point; that's understandable.

    The PI could have gone either way; NFL network feels that way as well.

    They also said there was a PI against SF that was clearly a bad call. I don't see you mentioning that.