Things to look for in the ATL game.

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    Things to look for in the ATL game.

    1a. SNF game, Georgia Dome, 1-2 Falcons who can't afford to lose if they wanna catch the Saints...This game will have a hostile playoff atmosphere. How will the young rookie pass catchers respond when they have trouble hearing Brady (if the crowd gets too loud). Mental errors? Dropped passes? Glad we have this type of road game. Not sure if the Pats will get homefield. This type of atmosphere should be good experience for the younger guys.

    1b. Can this defense shut down a top tiered QB? Steven Jackson should be out. Roddy White is currently a shell of his former self. ATL has a weak Oline. Defense can take over this game. I hope they do. Prob Mayo on Gonzalez most of the time and Talib/McCourty on Julio.

    2. Run game. A solid run game is a good way to quiet a hostile crowd. Dont have a problem with spreading the wealth...but I hope to see more improvement from Ridley. Running the ball against a team who has an inept offense on the other side is different than running against a team that can put up 40. I still think a balanced offense is important. Allows you to win in different ways.

    3. Gronk. His stats dont matter that much to me. I expect him to be a bit rusty. Im just hoping that he comes out of this week with no legit questionable/doubtful tag for the next game.

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    Re: Things to look for in the ATL game.

    What are the Falcons gonna do when Gronkamania comes for them, brother?!!!


    Pats win.



    Paul Scholes; He scores goals! (clap) X5

    Paul Scholes; he scores goals!