Things To Remember about BB

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    Things To Remember about BB

    I've seen some silly posts about Bill planning this loss and other silly comments. The only thing you really need to remember about this game is.#1 we play Detriot thanksgiving, Bill never shows a team in preason anything he has planned for a regular season meet. With that said, watch the game again, the D played a very vanilla base front with nothing really disguised. On the offensive side i'd not put to much in stock with how they protected Brady. Light is just back and timming on the roll protections and slides need to be worked on to get down right.

    With that said, I see shades of 04 here with the beating we took from Cincy and look how well that turned out.

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    Re: Things To Remember about BB

    New England played Detroit last Thanksgiving, not this Thanksgiving. Time for a new schedule on the fridge.

    This year the Lions play Green Bay ... a game that should be interesting considering how improved the Lions look.