This doesn't make any sense

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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    If 2009's draft was a B, 2010's was an A.

    Will 2011's be an A+?

    Football Notes

    On draft board, Patriots have strength in numbers

    By Greg A. Bedard April 3, 2011

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    Obviously, the Patriots’ 2010 season ended earlier than most expected — and with an upset home playoff loss to the hated Jets, no less.

    It has made for a long, hard, and cold offseason, and not just because of the weather.

    And even though the NFL is in a lockout, the odds are strong that there will be a season in the fall. There will definitely be a draft, which starts April 28 in prime time.

    That’s where the rich — the Patriots — figure to get a lot richer.

    The Patriots were 14-2 last season. They aren’t perfect, by any stretch, but when you have a core of Tom Brady, Logan Mankins, Deion Branch, Wes Welker, and Rob Gronkowski on offense, and Vince Wilfork, Jerod Mayo, and Devin McCourty on defense, with Mike Wright, Ty Warren, and Leigh Bodden ready to come back from injuries, you are in a good spot.

    And the Patriots have six of the draft’s first 92 picks, with two selections in each of the first three rounds, and nine overall picks.

    It’s enough to make some of the Patriots’ divisional foes feel the mountain they have to scale to topple the kings is approaching Everest proportions.

    All Dolphins coach Tony Sparano could do was shake his head even before the question was finished.

    “Look, we all compete within the division, there’s no question about it, and we all keep an eye on what everybody else is doing,’’ said Sparano, whose team went 7-9 last season. “So I think with the number of picks that they have and the ways to improve their football team with young players through the draft — which is really the way, they’ve done a great job of that — it becomes a little bit, from our end, competitive in that we know what we have and we know what they have from a pick standpoint and we have to try to continue to compete.

    “We have to do the best job we can with what we have to be able to compete with those people. But they certainly have the opportunity to make their team better with the number of picks that they have.’’

    Chan Gailey, whose Bills were 4-12, chose to have fun with the Patriots’ embarrassment of riches.

    “They’re probably unbeatable,’’ he said. “Probably go undefeated for three, four straight years.’’

    And then he made an important point.

    “Hey, they’ve got to get it right, they have to stay healthy,’’ Gailey said. “They’re just like everybody else. You have to do everything just as right as you can do it and keep trying to win.

    “And they’ve done a good job of it. They’ve done a good job of compiling picks for this draft and they’ll probably parlay some of this into something next year.’’

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    Re: This doesn't make any sense


    Phatty Rex exposed. Again.
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    He's far "worse" because he had a veteran team from 2001-2007, where many of the draft picks never had a chance to gain any experience to stick.

    This is because they had a core group, generally on defense, that were here for years.

    You're just dumb.

    He successfully replaced Ty Law, now Asante Samuel, Lawyer Milloy with a FA named Rodney Harrison, and has had other draft picks be developed to either become All Pros (Deion Branch, Light, Koppen, Samuel, Mayo, McCourty, Gostkowski, etc.).

    He's actually working the recipe differently starting in 2008 and it's HIGHLY likely because he feels the new CBA will be more restrictive on buying FAs.

    From 2001-2007, he bought more players either via FA or trade. And now, from 2008-2010 he is slowly building a core via the draft. 

    Draft picks will hold even more value in the future.

    This is what you still do not get.

    Go read Tedy Brucschi's comments on what he feels the unions needs to do to play in 2011. Even he can't back the union.  He sees it, too. 

    Expect the cap to be lowered, and controlled more in this new deal.  This means more value in draft picks than ever before.

    BB is simply 2 and 3 steps ahead of every GM in this league because he is the GM and the best coach around.

    Gives him a huge advantage.
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    In Response to Re: This doesn't make any sense:
    In Response to Re: This doesn't make any sense : No argument there, he was bad.  So was Jamarcus, he was on the field.   Why?  He was better than whoever else they could put there.  A bust hurts a whole lot less when the position he is at does not suffer from his bustedness. The reality is, it cost the Jets money and nothing more.
    Posted by PhatRex

    NO, it costs them a better pick other than Gholston in the 2008 draft to not have to replace moving forward.  Since they botched that pick, they missed on someone else, say Jerod Mayo, and they now still have to address it.

    Also, David HArris is at 10 million in 2011 with an unknown cap number and he'll be a FA in 2012. lol

    You're so dumb. Of course that Gholston pick stings. Your team should never, EVER botch a top 10 pick.

    It's bad enough they botch 1st rd picks, but a top 10 pick is absolutely devastating.

    If Sanchez does not improve and show he can win games by throwing the ball in a passing league, then you are looking at question marks for him every year that goes by.

    Now, they have an aging Calvin Pace and Bryan Thomas with no depth and no one developed at OLB.   That's 3 LB positions to address either this year and definitely next year.

    Only you would deny this as not being an issue. lol

    Meanwhile, NE drafted Mayo, Spikes and Cunningham and whomever they get in this draft, all 3 LBS will cost LESS than one David Harris in 2011.


    If that doesn't summarize how poorly managed the Jets overall plan is, I don't know what does.
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    I am still in tears re-reading Phat Rex's statement that "Gholston only cost NY $$."

    That's a top 10 most dumb statement he's ever plastered up here.

    And that's saying something.
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense


    Yeah, real "well". How many division titles, AFC titles or SB rings do you see in Jetsland, Einstein?
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    Maroney also was a solid starter here for 4 seasons.  Huge difference from a "bust" like that to Gholston.

    What's funny with Robertson is, the Jets traded up, while NE chose Ty Warren who has played in SBs as a starting DE. lol

    BB got Warren simply by dealing Bledsoe, too.   bawaha

    The Jets do a lot of trading up., They convince themselves they have a Pro Bowl player and then the fans have to defend the draft pick.


    Read this:

    "To get the Bears' No. 4 slot, the Jets surrendered the 13th and 22nd picks in the first round to Chicago. As part of the deal, the Jets will also give Chicago a conditional pick in the later rounds of the draft, with that pick dependent on whom the Jets take with the No. 4 selection."


    One of the worst draft trades in history!

    "Trading picks before draft day is unusual. Most teams wait for the draft to begin, to see how the selections are shaking out. The Jets acknowledged that the interest other teams were showing in moving up had influenced them to make a move early. Although Bradway would not talk about other teams, it appears that the Jets were particularly concerned about the possibility that the Patriots, a division rival, would grab Robertson, a possibility that still exists."


    They've done this for decades. It goes back to Blair Thomas, Kyle Brady, etc. Even Ken O'Brien in 1983. 

    How about Kicker, Mike NUgent?  Rememebr that one about 5 years ago?  Doug Brien missed some kicks in the playoffs, so they knee jerk a draft pick for a kicker.  lol!

    A slight improvement over those picks means the Jets fans have HOF locks on their teams now. lol
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    The bottom line to all of this is on the field production.  Look at the Pats' success in the past decade.  End of story.  No more argument to be made.  And they are set up for a good run for the next 4-5 years with lots of younger players who were part of a 14-2 team.  The future looks bright.  The Jets have lots of work to do to repeat last year.   

    OK, the Jets beat the Pats in the playoffs!  Feel better?  Good for you Jets!  But to ignore the ongoing ineptitude of your franchise over the past 4+ decades or to blindly attack one of the better run franchises in football with what have always been spurious arguments is at best childish, at worst just lack of plain old football knowledge.   

    As has been pointed out ad nauseum to the masochistic Jets trolls who act like scorned lovers that BB left at the altar, having more picks means you can take more chances.  Having a highly competitive team means less roster openings.  Bust is a relative term.  The Pats struck out on Chad Jackson and Maroney was marginal but semi-productive.  Look at Gholston, Robertson, Wilson and Sanchez.  (Just imagine if the Jets had taken a legit QB like Freeman -- oops!)  The Jets have their failings too, and with much higher draft picks than the Pats. 

    The Pats need to be better in the playoffs for sure.  The Jets should get to and win a superbowl before preening around like the rooster in the barnyard.    
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    In Response to Re: This doesn't make any sense:
    Rusty has a good point, the Jets lack depth and teams age faster then fans realize. It wont be long before the Jets start realizing that they need replacements that fit Ryans scheme and then it will be tough to find the right guys.
    Posted by MVPkilla4life

    You do realize the reason why Phatty focuses on me here is because I started last Spring in blasting his team's approach, correct?

    Deep down, his fear is I am dead on, correct, in analyzing his team's approach and its probable disaster.  He just keeps saying "you said that last year".

    My stinging analysis that he reads probably hits far too close to home, if he's being honest, which we know he isn't.

    Well, until the Jets actually win something, my premise holds and the reality is, the NYJs just missed a golden opporutnity with it last year.  They blew their wad in NE.

    He also didn't grasp the idea that the owners locked out to have more control of the cap situation and its rate hikes through the life of the deal and what that means with the Jets FAS or continued approach with FAs in recent years.

    He  kept asking me for "proof" that the CBA cap situation/ceiling and rate adjustments would end  up that way as a way to deflect from his fears, and I just said it was a deduction based on what I have read.

    He will again be wrong if the owners get what they want.

    Maybe I will be wrong, but I don't think we'd be in a lockout if I was.

    This means, the Jets gamble with free agents with Favre in 2008, scrambling to draft Sanchez, missing on Gholston in 2008, overpaying for players that have brought a less than great return (Kris Jenkins and Brodney Pool to name two), without having organizational depth and youth in key spots, will come back to bite the Jets.

    He likes reading the hype and refuses to see what NE is doing is actually far, far more intelligent than the Jets' approach.

    This is what happens when you are a jealous, deluded Jets fan.

    If you were to ask any GM going into this draft which team has drafted the best the last years and who has the best position in an unknown financial climate in 2011, what team do you think they'd pick?

    We know the answer, but Phatty won't admit it.

    In the NFC GB has also done well in the last  drafts and look to be in good position again.  But, they don't have 6 picks in the top 92 either.
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    In Response to Re: This doesn't make any sense:
    Hey, PhattRex...are you really guys sound an awful lot alike?
    Posted by jfaust1954

    didn't your mom tell you to get your head out of the toilet? 
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    In Response to Re: This doesn't make any sense:
    In Response to This doesn't make any sense : Teams still just start out with 1 selection per round, right?  Unless of course, your players are good enough to BOTH leave in free agency AND get good playing time, WITH a big contract on a new team, right?  In this case, and with a Salary Cap, you thus cannot sign all your best free agents, and your thus awarded a comp pick...Jets don't many of these see, b/c they don't have enough talent to lose.  Overall, ya gotta figure in THIS: Which would be-How many former Patriots from these drafts are still in the league vs How Many NY Jets players.  You'd also might want to consider that for the first few years of these drafts in question, NE was on the heels of winning 3 Superbowls, so their team was vet heavy, and thus-Well, ya don't wanna screw with a SP Championship team that much the next year (not alot of openings).  Also, ya might like to add in how many picks NE has this year in the opening rounds alone (6 picks in 3 rounds to the Jets 2).  Either way, IF you ridiculously don't wanna figure in to the equation ANY of these things...?  Then fine.  Let's just do easy math then, o.k?  So, NE had 51 picks with 23 still on the team, right?  Jets 27 picks with 17 still on the team...  This would be 6 more guys on NE's team...  That's doing better. 
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    Rexy - don't bother discussing "today" with them.  They are still lost in 01,03 and 04 as if it were yesterday.  Someone needs to tell them Teddy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest, Ty Law, Rodney Harrison, Ted Washington, Assante Samuel and the rest of that great defense are not walking through those doors.
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    No.  You only take it out a piece of what I said. I clearly said expect the rate hikes to be lowered/more controlled.

    Do you think they locked out by accident, dummy pants?

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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    In Response to Re: This doesn't make any sense:
    In Response to Re: This doesn't make any sense : I only read the first few lines, but the article was about the last 5, not the last 10.  And if you want to look at production, what you have is the same as the Jets in the last 5 years... nothing.  And NE has not won a playoff game in 3 year.  What you have is an increasingly distant juggernaut that has done very little as of late.
    Posted by PhatRex

    Two division titles is more than NY has had in 10 years.  Not bad for a team that is supposedly fading off into the sunset.

    Enjoy the "no playoff wins" since Matt Cassel took over in 2008 rhetoric. You're out of time and in that time, your own team missed their window, which is what makes this even funnier.

    When Mark Sanchez failed in the AFC Title game for 4 tries at the 1 yard line, we all laughed at every Jets fan on the planet.

    That, in a nutshell is why your team will never win anything.  LOSER
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    Re: This doesn't make any sense

    Pleeez uze yo r splel chek gyz
    You at least will look like your knuckles aren't dragging on the ground.

    Lot's of good points though.