Ok, here's another way to look at what's been happening in Foxboro the last couple of weeks.  I'm sure we all remember when the Pats cut Lawyer Milloy in 2003 and the media (yes, I'm talking to you Tom Jackson) killed BB and said the players hated him.  Well, they ended up finishing 14-2 and winning the SB that year. 

I am not saying that this team is as talented as the 03 team, however, the climate is right for them to circle the wagons again and really start to play up to their ability.  BB coming out today to defend Moss by outwardly trashing the Panthers and the players that commented on Moss and his effort is exactly what I thought needed to be done.  I am sure the team respects that more than any of us know. 

Let's hope that this is the 'spark' that they need to finally jell and get on track.