manning runs off the field like a biatch... 

Reporting from Miami Gardens, Fla. - Peyton Manning left the field so quickly Sunday after the Super Bowl that he didn't get a chance to congratulate Drew Brees. The Indianapolis Colts quarterback said he plans to speak with his New Orleans Saints counterpart soon.

"I certainly know how it was three years ago when we won . . . " Manning said. "There's the stage being set up, and the celebration, and it's time for the Saints to celebrate. It's their field. They deserve the moment.

"But I certainly congratulate all their players and the Saints organization. I will speak to Drew Brees, speak to Sean Payton, and they deserve all the credit."

and the pats are always getting shiat for not grinning and shaking hands at the end... i'm sure geyton will be treated the same way by the press