This is how bad Jets blew the Tebow experiment

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    Re: This is how bad Jets blew the Tebow experiment

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    Eng..   would the Broncos have made the playoffs without Manning?  If your answer is "yes", then the media is giving too much credit to Manning for leading the Broncos to the playoffs this season.  He improved them, not led them to the promised land from the waste land.

    How did this get from Tebow was used wrong and should have been a starting QB to the media saying Manning lead Den to the playoffs? I honestly have no clue how that transition happened, but yes Manning deserve some (not all the credit) for Den being in the playoffs. No, I don't think any fringe playoff team from the previous year is a lock to make the playoffs next year so no not all playoff teams are equal. There are clearly playoff caliber teams, fringe fighting for a shot teams, and no chance teams. Last year Den was a fringe playoff team who was 8-8 in one of the worst divisions. Trying to compare the 12th playoff team with a .500 record to a #1 seed and saying Manning doesn't deserve credit because they were a playoff team before is silly.

    Nobody said that, you might want to ask yourself why you thought you heard this, it's kind of strange.

    It's not silly, it's statistics. Look, as great as Manning is, he can only win three more meaningful games this year than Tebow won last year. There really isn't much of a difference if you just look at the numbers.

    C'mon, man. Be serious.

    In the final five games (including playoffs) of the "Tebow Era" in Denver, the Broncos went 1-4 and were outscored 156-79, including losses of 40-14 to the Bills and 7-3 at home to the Chiefs, a game in which Tebow went 6-20 for 60 yards, and 1 INT.

    Once the league had film on their option gimmick, Tebow and the Broncos were toast.