This is what I want to see the Pats do this year in the draft...

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    Re: This is what I want to see the Pats do this year in the draft...

    Great points CEhenry!  I hope you post more here in the future,. You bring some good solid points and back them up with numbers I can relate to.  That 2008 draft that was supposed to be so bad couldnt have been that bad if we have 4 from that year on our team that went undrafted.  This is what I was telling someone else. There was plenty of talent in 08 coming out of colloge, just depends on what position you are talking about.  I admit there werent many backers outside of Mayo that have looked great, but in contrast to being picked # 10, P.Posluszny went # 34 in 07' and has similar if not better production which tells me some years your value will be better than others based upon talent of the draft.

    I think we do well because we have the best coach, but you are right. No way any other team could survive with the revolving door secondary we've had.
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    Re: This is what I want to see the Pats do this year in the draft...

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    Well Jay IMO he lacks a deep threat. The pass to Welker was 25 yards but whatever. He doesn't go deep very often. I think that's due to his two wideouts being 5'9 and mediocre speed guys. I know his missed some deep balls but NFL QB's complete less than half their deep passes of more than 20 yards through the air. The further the throw the lower the percentage. IMO, if Brady was a below average deep passer than Moss would have had a below average year (for him) catching deep passes, not an all time great year. I'm sure there are some better deep passers, Young has done it well. But I think you'd be hard pressed to name 21 (2/3) QBs better. So I guess we just disagree here but no big deal.
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    Its not a big deal and the only reason I am adamant about it, because I did research on it. Moss' best year was his first year here. He had plays early on like the one against the Jets and Miami where Brady just chucked it and Moss did the rest by outjumping 3 guys (miami) or outrunning 3 guys(Jets)

    As the years went on though, Moss wasnt jumping as much for balls.  Truth is, outside of fluky plays vs Miami and Jets a lot of TD's werent deep ball, rather redzone throws on fade patterns and what not. Its no secret Brady struggles with the deep ball. IN 09' he underthrew Moss on several occasions.

    I believe Big Ben,  Rivers, Both Mannings, Rodgers, Ryan, Newton, Dalton, Brees, Schaub, Palmer, Campbell, 

    I mean its not hard, IMO to be a better deep thrower than Brady. he excels in the intermediate range and has pinpoint acuracy and why we throw short a lot instead of running as he is money in that role, but just think back to when we had Andre Davis here. We had a game against the Saints at home(they werent that good then) and Davis got behind the defense all day and we threw it deep to him 5 or 6 times that game before Brady completed the dam thing. He was wide open every time.

    Its not his forte.  Never has been. After 07 w/ Moss, the completion % of deep pass was around 25 % pretty bad when you have Moss. Remember how good it was with Culpepper or Cunningham. Night and Day.

    Us getting a "deep threat" really isnt a good idea. Brady constantly has underthrown open Wr's deep that other QB's would hit. Just calling it Like i see it. I watch all of the NFL, not just the pats and I love Brady and I have no reason to hate on him. 
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    Re: This is what I want to see the Pats do this year in the draft...

    In response to "Re: This is what I want to see the Pats do this year in the draft...":
    The trades often work.  Of course, you need to balance that with the GB trade in 2009, where they got Clay Matthews and the Patriots got Darius Butler & Brandon Tate.  (They also got the #73, which was included in the above listings.) I look at it simply by looking over the LB's taken before & after Mayo - and none of them have had an impact even close to Jerod's.  And oddly enough, I had Mayo better than Gholston, Rivers, Harvey.  I got lucky there. Here's an odd stat - the Patriots have 4 players on their roster who went undrafted in 2008: Gary Guyton & BenJarvis Green-Ellis (Patriots camp), Kyle Arrington (originally w/Philly), Danny Woodhead (originally w/Jets). In regards to getting that "top guy", I do agree with the sentiment on some levels.  For example there are times when you need to have that great WR who'll open the field up for others and 4 good WR's aren't enough, or when you need that great LB who'll make that big stop or sack or int at the crucial time.  It can be frustrating when you don't have that player.  I think back to when Darius Butler was drafted, and just about yelling to the screen the name "Barwin!  Connor Barwin!"  But on the other hand, look at all the players who've taken the field for the Patriots this year because of injury or whatnot (makes me wonder about conditioning, but that's beside the point).  When Brady went down, there was Cassel.  When Mayo went down, we had Spikes & Guyton & others.  There's been so many in the secondary that calling them "The Who" is entirely appropriate ... and yet, the wins are still there. Indy lost Manning & Clark and then every game since.  Bears lost Cutler and are now in big trouble.  Chiefs are struggling without Cassel.  I've focused on QB's alot there, but the fact is that the Pats have lost players this season and still get things done.  The Patriot Way is working. Now they have to do is make it work in the playoffs again... Posted by CEHenry3
    Good post.