this one hurts.. what is next?

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    this one hurts.. what is next?

    i found myself stunned sunday evening as i watched the jets celebrate on our field, a game the patriots surely gave away, they beat themselves in my mind and showed some major weaknesses.  What is next for this team? which im sure we all thought was destined for the superbowl... the pats need a game changer at the reciever position.  Larry Fitzgerald? Chad Ochocinco? clearly after sundays game we need help on the offensive line and it looks as if logan mankins will take his talents elsewhere.  I thought the defense took some major strides towards the end of the season. but they do need a pass rusher and another corner to complement mccourty, maybe the corner from oakland (i wont even try to spell his name).  Also, who can the patriots potentially target in the draft? they have 2 first round picks, which i sure they will trade back from one of them if not both.  What can be done?
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    Re: this one hurts.. what is next?

    Re-Sign Logan Mankins. 

    Try and identify and get: 'Game Changers' (as you said) - Impact players!  at WR, RB and especially D-line and OLB.