for the Pats to be an upper tier team for 12 years, the overall GM work has to be excellent. who has been better?

Comparing teams that have had years of high picks against the Pats lower picks is ludicrous

And to get on BB over McCourty as FS vs CB is weak

Picking on FAs that didnt make it is also specious. Some were temporary fills, others were low risk hi reward.    teams don't get better by over paying FAs. 

Since BB drafts so low he takes calculated risks on players who were very very good but have out worn their welcome where they were. and he doesn't over bid. he also takes risks on  players who have #1 talent but have dropped for some reason. Just like his coaching, BB takes risks. if you cannot take these risks, then get a new job

Its  really really hard to have a great 53man roster. you cannot draft your way there, you cannot FA you way there. Between injuries and human failure there are very few gimmes. especially below pick 10 , and even then? and where does Bb draft? All of the players even at camp are great athletes. Fitting them into a system and a salary cap makes an impossible Rubik's cube.

There was just a thread here that dealt with just draft picks since 2001 and Bb was the clear winner. Ozzie was next, 

Sometimes reading this blog one gets the feeling that all BB has to do is go get a star in FA. And that is fools gold. for example , I have yet heard what SS was available this year, and at what price?

everyone has known that the Pats have been trying to rebuild the D since even before 46. Wr has been a bugaboo too. BB solved this with Gronk and AH, it worked fabulously and then s***happens. 


its sort of like blaming TB in 42 Whwn he lost Gronk. how does one take the number one weapon away and expect miracles?

and to this year? The D has been very very good and we will just have to wait on what VW means to us. we have yet to have the full O there yet. ST is very very good. gost  has done his job and Ryan is beginning to show his pedigree. We will not know what we have until Dec. Teams will rise and fall, BBs teams usually rise.

BB has another clear advantage , he gets to coach all his players up

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