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this roster makes sense

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    this roster makes sense

    NEPD Editor: Matthew Jones

    Can undrafted rookie receiver Kenbrell Thompkins secure a roster spot? (Photo: US Presswire)

    As New England begins training camp, it’s time for an initial 53-man roster projection, taking into account injuries as well as any recent news attributed to Patriots personnel. Read on to find out who’s projected to make the cut.



    1. QB Tom Brady
    2. QB Ryan Mallett
    3. QB Tim Tebow
    4. RB Stevan Ridley
    5. RB Shane Vereen
    6. RB Leon Washington
    7. RB Brandon Bolden
    8. WR Danny Amendola
    9. WR Michael Jenkins
    10. WR Aaron Dobson
    11. WR Kenbrell Thompkins
    12. WR Josh Boyce
    13. WR Matthew Slater
    14. TE Jake Ballard
    15. TE Michael Hoomanawanui
    16. TE Zach Sudfeld
    17. TE Brandon Ford
    18. OT Nate Solder
    19. OT Sebastian Vollmer
    20. OT Will Svitek
    21. OG Logan Mankins
    22. OG Marcus Cannon
    23. OG Dan Connolly
    24. OC Ryan Wendell
    25. OC Nick McDonald

    NOTES: Tim Tebow is generally considered something of an underdog, but inviting the media circus which trails Tebow suggests to me that they intend to give him a real shot at making the roster; factor in Robert Kraft’s comments regarding the quarterback, as well as Josh McDaniels’ prior relationship with the former first-round pick, and he seems like a real possibility.

    LeGarrette Blount doesn’t make the cut; as a low-average rusher with some character concerns, he may not be the best investment despite his natural talent.

    New England would be wise to leave Julian Edelman on the physically unable to perform list in order to get Kenbrell Thompkins aboard. Rob Gronkowski is projected to land on the PUP list as well, paving the way for undrafted free agents Zach Sudfeld and Brandon Ford to make the final roster; Sudfeld has reportedly been impressive thus far, while Ford is probably the most logical successor to Aaron Hernandez at the “F” position based on his style of play.

    Carrying eight offensive linemen may seem light to some, but Will Svitek can play either tackle position, Marcus Cannon can play either tackle or guard, and Dan Connolly and Nick McDonald both have center/guard versatility.


    26. DT Vince Wilfork
    27. DT Tommy Kelly
    28. DT Armond Armstead
    29. DT Marcus Forston
    30. DE Chandler Jones
    31. DE Rob Ninkovich
    32. DE Justin Francis
    33. DE Jake Bequette
    34. DE Michael Buchanan
    35. LB Jerod Mayo
    36. LB Dont’a Hightower
    37. LB Jamie Collins
    38. LB Brandon Spikes
    39. LB Dane Fletcher
    40. LB Steve Beauharnais
    41. CB Aqib Talib
    42. CB Kyle Arrington
    43. CB Alfonzo Dennard
    44. CB Logan Ryan
    45. CB Ras-I Dowling
    46. CB Marquice Cole
    47. FS Devin McCourty
    48. FS Tavon Wilson
    49. SS Duron Harmon
    50. SS Adrian Wilson

    NOTES: There shouldn’t be many surprises along the defensive line, with the possible exceptions of Marcus Benard and Jermaine Cunningham missing the cut. Of the two, Benard seems like a better choice for the final roster, as New England already knows what they have in Cunningham. By shifting those snaps to players such as Justin Francis, Jake Bequette, and Michael Buchanan, the Patriots can get younger and develop players who are signed for the foreseeable future.

    If they do opt to retain a player such as Benard a la their decision to carry Trevor Scott last year, it’s possible that rookie linebacker Steve Beauharnais could miss the cut, although for now he is included on the final roster ahead of competitors such as Jeff Tarpinian and Niko Koutouvides.

    The most interesting position defensively is probably safety, where the team has a wealth of talent. Steve Gregory was respectable last year, but represents one of the most substantial opportunities to save salary cap space; Nate Ebner doesn’t seem like he will have many chances to earn playing time on defense behind the likes of Tavon Wilson and Duron Harmon.


    51. PK Stephen Gostkowski
    52. PN Zoltan Mesko
    53. LS Danny Aiken


    WR Julian Edelman
    TE Rob Gronkowski


    WR T.J. Moe


    RB LeGarrette Blount
    RB George Winn
    FB James Develin
    FB Ben Bartholomew
    WR Kamar Aiken
    WR Mark Harrison
    WR Lavelle Hawkins
    WR Quentin Sims
    WR Perez Ashford
    TE Daniel Fells
    OT Kevin Haslam
    OT R.J. Mattes
    OT Elvis Fisher
    OG Markus Zusevics
    OG Tyronne Green
    OG Josh Kline
    OG Chris McDonald
    DT Cory Grissom
    DT Anthony Rashad White
    DT Joe Vellano
    DE Marcus Benard
    DE Jermaine Cunningham
    DE Jason Vega
    LB Jeff Tarpinian
    LB Niko Koutouvides
    LB Mike Rivera
    LB A.J. Edds
    CB Stephon Morris
    CB Brandon Jones
    CB Justin Green
    FS Steve Gregory
    SS Nate Ebner
    SS Kanorris Davis
    PN Ryan Allen
    LS Mike Zupancic

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    Re: this roster makes sense

    Yeah, I actually think the final cut after preseason will look something like this. Gronk & Edelman on the PUP list wouldn't be great. I don't expect Edelman to still be hurt at that point, but I do think it would be smart to PUP Gronk, even if he is cleared to go. We need him 100% healthy in Dec, Jan, & Feb, not for the beginning of the season. I like that Brandon Ford is included on this roster. He is a guy who I think has a lot of promise. The other 2 Guys who I think have a very good chance to make it are Hawkins and Vellano. Very tough to make the predictions this early, but this roster is a smart projection, except for Tebow...

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    Re: this roster makes sense

    Lots of changes over last year. I forgot we released Kyle Love. It will be a project to get these guys to gell, but it usually happens by week 4. We should really know what we got by then. I think WR may be a bit of an upside surprise though. I'm optomistic there. Giving the young guys a chance might pay off. 


    Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding the truth.

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    Re: this roster makes sense

    Can't really find fault with the roster playing out that way.  I, too, believe that the wideouts will be increasingly productive to the point where they just may exceed expectations.

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    Re: this roster makes sense

    Barring anything new I expect Edelman and Jenkins to play alongside Amendola. We might not use as much 2ble TE on 1st downs and on passing downs as we will after Gronk gets back.

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    Re: this roster makes sense

    In response to portfolio1's comment:

    Barring anything new I expect Edelman and Jenkins to play alongside Amendola. We might not use as much 2ble TE on 1st downs and on passing downs as we will after Gronk gets back.

    I am not a Jenkins fan, and would only envision him on the team if Boyce or Dobson are not, or as NEPD speculates, if Edelman opens on PUP.

    Lots of conversation today about Branch coming back later on....I guess its possible depending on what shakes with the rookies.