This sums it up for Jets fans

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    Re: This sums it up for Jets fans


    Great picture ... The flames are a nice touch ...
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    Re: This sums it up for Jets fans

    The jets offensive line looks old fat and slow .  No wonder sancheeze is on his a$$ half the time and the receivers quit on their routes...

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    Re: This sums it up for Jets fans

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    I think Tannenrube is the guy Jets fans need to take a look at, honestly. I have no idea why anyone would think their drafts or moves are so great.  He's had like 3 great picks in the last 5 years. Revis, Mangold, Harris That's it. Every other player their fans drool over is totally overrated in some fashion, as well as overpaid. Look at Sanchez.  Since they trade up and make a big deal out of doing so, this means Sanchez is a can't miss QB because he plays in NY?  How many more seasons of awful compl%, TD/INT ratios, etc, will NY put up with before admitting he's a bust? Jamarcus Russell last 3 seasons.  Sanchez is in his 3rd season. Maybe if Russell had a good D and a top 5 rushing attack, he would have cucpcaked into an AFC title game after an 8-8 or 9-7 season? lol I have been warning their fans for years on the short window, risky approach and now we see why it won't work.  Their fans have been duped. This was all about selling PSLs.  That's what this was. How do we try to smear the Pats and how do we sell our brand at the same time? It's too risky. So much had to go right for them in 2009 to even cupcake into the playoffs and last year? They won 3 games in OT against Houston (bad D in 2010), Cleveland and Detroit. So, they were a better opponent away from being a 10-6, 9-7 or 8-8 team in 2010.  They weren't and nice job to avoid doing that, but they are a classic case of overrated and flawed. Ryan does a good job cheerleading and deploying his parts out of the Leonhard/Scott Baltimore base schemes, but look at their front 7. It's mediocre at best. Devito, Pouha, #79 (don't even know his name), McIntyre, Pace? Has Bart Scott done anythingn this year or does he just run his mouth?  Yes, I know he miraculously stumbled over a fumble last night. Look at what they pay Revis, Cromartie, etc.  Calvin Pace? The guy is solid, but they act like he's some superstar.   They also started raving about draft bust, Aaron Maybin, who makes a couple tackles and gets a couple garbage sacks and all of a sudden Rex saved him and he wears a Jets uni. The arrogance is what gets me.  How can a team that is so mediocre overall be so arrogant? It's this self righteous, sanctimonius arrogance tied to immaturity, poor leadership and delusional thinking that has sunk them.  I am not even sure it's possible for them to see it, they're so far gone. They act like nothing that affects any NFL team applies to them.  Salary cap? Who cares?!  "Tanny will fix it!" Draft picks? Who cares? Overpaid players in the market?  "Just restructure!" lol Our core players are great! Who cares what they look like on gameday?  We're the Jets and we're entitled!  Our time is now! lmao There's always some spin that comes from their fans. Instead of doing what GB did, NOs, what Atlanta is doing, maybe Houston, etc, etc, they do the total opposite thinking it will work like it worked for the 1991 Atlanta Falcons, pay Dein Sanders, pay Andre Rison, pretend Jesse Tuggle is unbelievable and who cares about anything else. The arrogance is just unparalled in the NFL. I never thought an NFL team would surpass the Skins and or Cowboys in terms of bloated arrogance in building an NFL team the right way, but the Jets have done it, as they channel Al Davis and Dan Snyder, all rolled up into one. FInally, what we see from Phat Rex/Whodat, etc, here is really a reflection of their owner, coaches and players. Imagine a Sox fan going onto a Yankees board in 2002 or 2003 and lecturing them how "awful" their defense is or whatever, when the Yankees had been building winners for so many years? We, as Pats fans, actually KNOW what a good or great team looks like through a season. It's beyond insulting to our intelligence to be lectured by disgusting Jets fans on this board. Hopefully, all of this is over now and we can move on here without the pathetic behavior of Jets trolls. If only Underpants had some dignity. In the end, Rex Ryan was partly brought on to be the salesman for the PSLs and he knew what he was getting into when he signed on with the Jets. It's not all on Sanchez.   If Ryan quietly coached his team and flew under the radar, he wouldn't be on such a hot seat right now.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    Allow me to sum this up....

    Jets stink
    Jets fans are losers
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    Re: This sums it up for Jets fans

    The YETS will draft a new Franchise Q.B. next year.

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    Re: This sums it up for Jets fans

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    In Response to Re: This sums it up for Jets fans : half as good?  you're being pretty generous there.  Sanchez can't even carry Brady's jock strap
    Posted by CTPatsFan17

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