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This team needs LEADERS!!!!

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    Re: This team needs LEADERS!!!!

    Eh.  I think Harrison and Law would have helped more beacuse of their skills on the field as opposed to leadership.

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    Re: This team needs LEADERS!!!!

    How many times does the TV camera show BB over at the bench coaching up the defense?  Many times.  Secondly, after he coaches them, I wonder what the players do with the information he gives them.  Do they reinforce it with each other and have emotion behind it to instill greater efforts to win the game or do they just keep sitting on the bench waiting for their turn on the field?  I know we have been shown shots of Brady going up and down the line shouting encouragement.  Who else?  With only Wilfork and Brady left on the team who actually have a SB ring, one would think someone would take the lead and get them all charged up.  Seems like they just want to punch the time clock, do they?

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    Re: This team needs LEADERS!!!!

    In response to Patsman3's comment:

    I read the Mazz article about the Pats game and his use of the word "fear".  After I stopped laughing, I came to realize what I say was worse then that.  What I say was apathy.  The Ravens didn't use the "beat the Pats playbook" of physically overmatching them and pressuring Brady all day.  The Pats actually held Ray Rice to 2.5 yards a carry and the Pats gave up ZERO sacks.  No this was something much different and much worse, they beat the Pats because of that dreaded "they wanted it more".

    On defense this team has still to replace the leadership provided by the likes of Rodney Harrison, Ty Law, Brushci, et al.  Where was Mayo?  Where was Wilfork? to fire this team up and get them to play better????  Oh and Talib?  I know he is new but when I say him on the sideline with his parka on and sad face standing there all alone, I had a flashback to LT on the sidelines with his helmet and visor on in the AFC championship a few years back an island to himself.  Just because your hurt doesnt mean you can't rally the team. Talk to your teamates, tell them what you see, be involved.  You know say like a .... Ray Lewis.  When he was hurt did you see him on the sideline on an island.  Heck no.  The Pats lacked any emotion at all.

    On Offense that leadership has come from Brady in the past.  But yesterday I realized that only happens when he is doing well and he is trying to pick up his teamates.  When he struggles, he just sits on the bench, sad Brady face on, and no one else motivates him or the team.  Matkins has the fire but doesnt seem to step up.  Gronk is to much of a flake.  There is no one else.

    It's not only players.  The coaches don't show it either.   Partica and McDaniels are like emotionless robots. 

    When you get to the final 4 or final 2 teams, they all have talent, its what you get out of that talent on game day.  For whatever reason, the Pats have not matched the intensity of the other teams in recent years.

    So the draft is coming up, and we can all say, they need another CB, they need a pass rusher, they need a deep threat.  All of that is well and good but what this team needs more then anything is some Leadership and an infusion of intensity.

    Just my two cents.



    There is really none on defense. Bruschi and Harrison can't be replaced. What they bought to the Pats defense can't be replaced. A winning at all costs attitude and mentality that rubbed off on everyone. With them in their heyday nobody came into Foxborough and hit the Pats in the mouth they way it has happened in the post season more often than not since they retired. They bought into BB's system and ran it to perfection making sure everyone was on the same page. They also found motivation in slightest thing an opposition said or did in the lead up to the games. They probably won't go into the NFL hall of fame but I wouldn't have swapped them for any Safety or Linebacker who ever played the game.

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    Re: This team needs LEADERS!!!!

    No we need big WRs like the ravens, 2 shutdown CB's like talib and probably which I hate to say, a more mobile QB

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