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You people who think patriots are going away from the moss type WR do not understand what is going on. Moss had to go because he was a liability. He helped "stretch the field" between the 20's but once it got inside the 20's there is no more field to stretch. Unlike 2007, he wasnt fighting for the ball, and was basically useless in the redzone or not utilized properly. Blame whoever u wish. But moss was hurting the team in the redzone. Ocho can run most routes as well as go deep. He would be a huge upgrade and would help out in moving the chains between the 20's as well as the redzone.
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Ever the fans who are the Big name chasers!

If you want your 2003-04 Patriots style to come back, they need to change their philosophy on the run game.  Stop it with the old men and pip-squeak brigade!!   Go get a bruising back that runs like a runaway Mack truck in the Rockies.

Some one like a Peyton Hillis (maybe a Marion Barber to a lesser extent) to run 20 carries a game.  BJGE and Woodhead are nice complimentary pieces but should not be starting!   Committing to the run will force the defense to play more straight up.  THEN your possession WRs and TEs can find some better space.  Right now, they aren't being respected to run effectively and defenses are sitting in zones with average WRs.  

Straight Off created pts last 5 gms:

vs MIA  20
vs BAL  23 
vs SD   13
vs MIN  21
vs CLE  14

Averaging 17.8 pts a game.  As I've said in a previous thread, if they are going to beat Pittsburgh this weekend, they will need a ST/DEF TD or major field position swing to get that extra TD for 24 points.