Thomas's problem

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    Thomas's problem


    And then Thomas was asked a direct question -- is he being treated fairly? He used the question to -- borrowing a phrase from the Red Sox -- turn the page.

    "That's not . . . do you want to talk about Buffalo or you want to talk about something else?" Thomas said. "Y'all keep trying to go back to something that's over with."

    Thomas said he watched the game and "I cheered the guys on." He didn't elaborate much on what he thought about the defense.

    "I mean, when you don't have the calls, it's hard to understand what's going on," Thomas said.

    I have to wonder if AD got pizzed at BB for putting the green dot on Mayo. After all AD came here was moved inside and played pretty well. Vrabel made the call's from a outside spot last year. I'm not taking up for any of the stuff he's said or the production. Just that he might have thought someday this would be his D. Much the way he saw Ray Lewis at Balt. As for BB who do you hand it over too? Second yr DROY ? or A oft injured AD that's played a few years at a couple of different spots? I've seen AD adjusting players before. Who's EGO get's checked?

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    Re: Thomas's problem

    I think he was more referring to the fact that as he watched on the TV form home, he couldn't tell what defensive plays they were calling, so he couldn't say whether he thought the defense did a good job in executing said plays.
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    Re: Thomas's problem

    AAAAh I'm a idiot. I just think there is more to this than anyone knows or even Thomas has said. The reporter's even @ this site just look to the negitive or the he said she said junk. Probally less than 6 month's ago peolpe were talking about trading Brady.