Thoughts on HOU?

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    Re: Thoughts on HOU?

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    Houston's depth does not yet allow them to over come the mounting injuries, although it seems Joseph is on the verge of ready. 

    Balt success depends on if they play at home or not. 

    Pats can't let up and seemingly need to win out to secure home field. Home field is the road to the SB.

    Except for the NYG (and the 2001 Pats)

    G-men have a killer schedule! Do Yu think they make the playoffs this year? Seems wild card won't come out of the NFC East. 

    Think they will win the division wiht losing record I do.

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    Re: Thoughts on HOU?

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    There defense has given up a lot of yards and points the last two games...However, they won both games.

    On one hand, you can say that defense is not as good as it seemed...but it also looks like this team has the mental to come back in the fourth quarter twice in five days.

    Do you think more highly of blowout wins or winning even when you don't play your best?

    They are beatable.

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    Re: Thoughts on HOU?

    They are very beatable.

    But Houston has shown to be mentally tough this year.


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    Re: Thoughts on HOU?

    for some reason i like the pats' chances vs hou than vs sff.

    On O

    i feel that the pats' OL matches up better vs hou's 34. i am hoping vollmer is back for that game. regardless, it's going to be tough.

    i think vereen, ridley and hernandez will be the critical pieces. i thought detroit showed that hou can be vulnerable to power runs down the middle.

    On D

    I am hoping that hou's lighter interior OL is what allows vw to dominate the LOS. with either love or deaderick, and spikes, mary and hightower behind them, they should be able to control the hou running game. i am anticipating the front 7 to penetrate the hou OL fairly well.