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Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

     Defense was one of, if not the biggest problem last season. What other team in the NFL, if in that position, wouldn't hire BB as their DC? Every single one of them would. If BB can delegate some of his other responsibilities, and really devote himself to fixing the defense, great move.
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    This is not the exciting piece of news I was hoping to read about our DC position. There is a role for the HC, for DC, for OC etc. etc. and there is a reason for that. Having one person be all three....hmmmm... not sure why that is such a great idea !!
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    Bill thinks too highly of himself.  This move limits new and fresh ideas.  Bring in two proven coordinators.  Both the AFC and the NFC understand our entire game, so even if we can get new players and the current ones to execute correctly everyone is ready for us.
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    Stubborn & Arrogant! 
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    There are a number of points made by Yapple, Caraway, Lazarus and Dafoe that are noteworthy. It seems we're becoming more critical than ever regarding Bill because of the lack of success (SB trophies) and devastating losses in past seasons. Belichick obviously walks to the beat of his own drum and he has Kraft's wholehearted support. I can't think of another Head Ball Coach who has the authority or support or cajones to attempt such a move. My concern with this decision is why.
    Head coaches in the NFL are BUSY! For him to go into another season with no OC and DC, considering the issues we had on defense and the lack of originality with play calling on offense is cause for concern. 
    It appears the emperor has no clothes and we as fans are the only ones who can get away with saying this.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    I don't know what makes you think my opinions are uninformed. I am watching the same games you are. I just have a different perspective on it

    I'm not saying Bill needs to be fired. All I'm saying is that there is a problem here and that it's a reasonable consideration at some point if somebody can't get through to him. And I'm not sure what you mean about  everything he has meant to this team. I do appreciate what he has done for this team in the past. I will always be grateful for the three Superbowls. At one point, this guy was the best coach on the planet. The Rams Superbowl was one of the best coaching performances in the history of sports. But he is not what he once was. And what does Bill Belichick do when a player can no longer perform? He cuts them. No matter what they have done for the team in the past. There is no sentimentality. Why should Bill be treated any differently?  He gets regularly outcoached. Even in playoff games That never used to happen. He got outcoached by Jim Caldwell for God's sake!

    And that's great that the Pats went 11-5 with Cassel. But that was essentially the same team that went 18-1 and were one lucky play away from being 19-0. Yes, gettting 11 wins with a rookie QB is impressive. But it's also not the miracle that some people  make it out to be either.

    I probably shouldn't have posted right off. I was mad and really frustrated. I don't want to see Bill fired. But his obsessive desire for control is hurting this team. And it's getting worse. This can't continue like this. If the Pats have another bad draft and first round exit next year then I think Bill stepping down is something that should be considered if he is unwilling to hire some qualified help.

    As for Cowher. Give  any coach Tommy Maddox and Kordell Stewart and see how many Superbowls he wins. Cowher can coach. And Belichick's  4 playoff losses have been in the last 5 years. I'm not talking about Bill at his peak. I'm talking about right now.

    I'm sorry, but this move reeks of somebody drunk with power and obsessed with control. I hope I'm wrong. But  I am frustrated by the lack of action here. Concerned was probably a bad word. I am terrified that we are headed back to mediocrity, or worse, in the next few years. Hell, maybe we are already there and we are just too fat and happy to realize it.

    The Red Sox? Who knows what's going on with that lineup. The Celtics are all about 100. And supposedly have locker room issues in addition to not seeming to care about the regular season, And the Bruins will never be serious contenders as long as Jocobs owns the team. I just don't want to go back to way things were in the 90s. I guess I've become spoiled

    The Pats are starting to look more like the Pete Carroll teams than a Bill Belichick team. And it worries me.

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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    Another good, informative article by Reiss.
    Belichick lives the job; it's part of who he is.
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    Its not so much that BB is taking over the defense.  I have no problem with that. 

    My problems are....
    1st, that he did nothing to address the offense, which was pretty bad last year.  He says something that Obrien did a good job last year, which is complete BS. I only hoped that he would bring in someone to help run the offense and defense, but I just knew that would not happen.  Its not what BB does, he promotes from within.

    2nd, He is spreading himself too thin.  This team has no OC, DC and GM.  He is playing a role in all these things and that does not equal to success.  He was most effective when he surrounded himself with a great staff.  While he developed the likes of Pioli, Mangina, McDaniels, etc. he still had guys like Weis and Crennel that he could trust to run the offense and defense.  That allowed him to have control of the team.  What he is doing now seems like complete chaos to me. 

    Not to say that the guys that are there right now are not good, its just that they might not be ready for the job.
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    The whiners are out in full force this offseason.
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    the man is nuts. i'm getting flashbacks to apolcalypse now ... " ... this is the end my only friend the end ..." he's going down the river and not coming back ...
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    Dafoe,  I couldnt agree more with you. I enjoy getting on here and busting balls because everyone on here takes this way to seriously.
    Everyone needs to stop saying well Bill knows what he is doing the Pats have 3 Superbowls.  YES THEY DO, but BB also was a lousy head coach else where for the very same reasons he is showing and doing right now.
    Some of us fans get on here and question him and the others go banana's saying how dare you question him at all.
    Stop living in the past and look at the team as a whole and see whats happening.
    Every year for the last 4, we have heard how the Patriots are going to get a great RB or a great LB. It hasnt happened and most likely if BB stays his course it wont happen again.
    Now you can keep living in the past and praising BB, or you can open your eyes to look at whats in front of your face.
    Doctor Phil says your in DENIAL!
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    Re: Thoughts on the Belichick Move?

    My two cents. Many head coaches are their own coordinators on one side of the ball or the other, often the offensive, so it's not big deal if he's the defensive coordinator. In fact, I'm a bit relieved that he is taking charge.

    As far as the offense, that does concern me but it was O'Brien's first year calling plays. People do learn,  you know. Another offseason with Brady getting stronger and learning from mistakes from this year could help. Just because someone doesn't have a title doesn't mean they're not doing particular job, especially with the Patriots.

    And the rips about him not delegating or not having enough staff. Unless there is a Patriots player or coach on this board, no one is behind closed doors to see how he organizes. Don't forget, he has Dante Scarnechia as assistant head coach, who might take some of the load of Bill. One Belichick's biggest strengths is his organizational skills, so it's foolish to think that he's doing every coaching job all by himself.

    And the Patriots have 12 assistant coaches so to the idea that the Patriots don't have enough assistant coaches is play folly.