I'm excited about this year's schedule despite how difficult the opponent draw was.  I think that the Pats lucked out in terms of when they play certain teams.

Their travel prospectus was incredibly kind to them - the Pats only have to travel far to San Diego and Miami this year.  Otherwise, every other road game is Chicago or closer.

I also like the Pats' draws against the Jets.  
--> They get their first game against the Jets in the hangover following the Jets' opener against the Dolphins.  I don't think the crowd will be nearly as loud as last year because the excitement of the opener will be gone and because the new stadium should, like Gillette Stadium, price out the real fans.  Also, Santonio Holmes should be suspended.
--> The second game against the Jets comes on a Monday Night 11 days after the Pats' Thanksgiving matchup against the Lions.  I also like the fact that the game later in the year is a home game to help negate the insertion of Santonio Holmes into the Jets lineup.

The Pats' Week 4 trip to Miami should mean the heat will also factor into the game, but I like the January home game against them.

I also like the lack of any extended road trips, as well as the relative balance between tough and relatively easier opponents, with only one tough stretch against Baltimore, at San Diego, and against Minnesota.

My only gripe is that the bye week came so early.  I think a late bye week helps break up the season (although the 11 day week is like a mini-bye).