THURSDAY night affect/ strategy

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    Re: THURSDAY night affect/ strategy

    In response to pezz4pats's comment:

    In response to anonymis' comment:

    The Patriots know the Jets pretty well (and vice versa), so, preparation shouldn't be as big a deal.

    That being said, it's a matter of execution. It's an away game.  Would be nice to have another blowout, but division games are normally pretty tight. With Gronk not available, I'm wondering if Hernandez will be rushed back.  The offense will obviously be affected badly if BOTH remain out.

    In that case, the Patriots may have to control the clock more, reduce the number of possessions by running the ball more - but will have to score points on every possession.

    Defensively, I'd like to see the Patriots be more aggressive in general - just to get the D off the field and build on last week's performance. Get to Sanchez more, disrupt his timing, chuck the receivers on the line; again, to disrupt timing.

    Minimize running opportunities when Tebow is playing wildcat.  Be ready for trick plays. Defense can't make Sanchez look like a HOF QB again.

    High scoring O's do not want to limit possessions, They want MORE not less.  Of course that would have to mean the D is getting off the field.  Score on every possession?    Really?

    For the most part, I agree. Except I basically premised it with - if our passing offense gets shut down - then what does one do? so, yeah...if the number of possessions go down because both teams are running the ball - then one had better score on every possession; if possible, because those may be the few times the team has to score.  Are you that daft? Really?

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