The AFC beat writer for ESPN says that the best wide receivers team wise in the AFC is the Bills,Patriots,Dolphins and then the lowly Jets. He likes the bills over the Patriots so I wrote that he needed to put the Crack pipe down,here's the top 4 wide receivers for the Bills and the Patriots,Bills first: Owens,Evans,Hardy and Reed..Now the Patriots: Moss,Welker,Galloway and Lewis.I also told him that if it were complete receiving corps that it wasn't even close because as everyone knows that the receiving corps of a team includes the TE's,RB's and the starting QB.I was feeling pretty safe with my arguement as to both categories.I asked him how he would like to determine who had the better receivers did he just want to use basic statistics,Total Yards,Receptions and TD's.After checking the stats I think I'll take the Patriots group...Career wise it's no contest.