Time for Brady to take a pay cut

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    Time for Brady to take a pay cut

    Even if he made the vet's minimum, the husband/wife combo of he and Gisele would probably still be the highest paid husband/wife pairing in the NFL

    Don't know what the relationship between his kids and Moynahan are, but they have an "aunt"/mother who is a celebrity. And an uncle (Youk) who is a baseball player. These kids should be set for life.

    He's on the Mount Rushmore of Boston athletes. If he ever decides his $20 million home in Cali is too much, he can always come back here and I'm sure there are plenty of restaurants willing to give him meals on the house.

    Seems like a fairly intelligent guy. Unless he decides he wants alligators in his moat or make some other bad investment, his grand children should be set too!

    He's a good looking guy and well known football star. Take up some more endorsements! Make money that way.

    Along with the last post, Gisele is considered a good looking woman. Make a sex tape and keep it hidden. If for some reason he does go bankrupt, then sell that tape for some bills. I hear they sell for a lot.

    In all honesty, I'm happy Brady got his big deal. He took a pay cut last time to help the team win. But I'm not a huge fan of the $20 million/year club in football. This isn't baseball where there is no cap (Technically a soft cap but pretty much no cap). And this isn't basketball where you only need 2-3 great players to win a championship.

    NFL cap is what? 120 million? 1/6 of a cap for one player, when there are 52 other players to play? In a game where injuries are extremely common, you need a deep roster.


    This isn't just about Brady. Ravens will be screwed long term if they give Flacco 20 mil a year. People say Peyton never had a great team around him...well part of that was because he signed a $100 million contract in 2004. As good as Julius Peppers is, that team will always have too many needs to be a legit Super Bowl contender because 1 DE is taking up a huge amount of cap space. Don't think I need to even bother going over Mario Williams and Albert Haynesworth

    Teams like SEA and SF have it best right now. They can field more complete teams for a few more years before their QBs start making the big dollars.


    Not saying it's impossible to win with players making this much, but you pretty much have to nail your drafts and hit big on a few lowered tiered FA's. And now with the new CBA, players are elible for UFA after 4 years, as opposed to the 6 years it was in the last CBA. Despite the rooke pay scale, ths makes it much harder to sustain long term success.


    Offseason is the time to fantasize about what the team could do to become a Super Bowl champ again. I can only hope for Brady to wake up one day and say, "My wife made $80 million combined the last two seasons, I"ll take a paycut so we can stack the roster!" How amazing that would be!

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    Re: Time for Brady to take a pay cut

    Also, on the topic of Flacco's extension...Apparently GB wants to resign Rodgers now too.

    If Flacco ends up getting 20 annually, Rodgers will get more...and I gotta say, Ted Thompson better start hitting on all his drafts. With an already crumbling defense, I believe Matthews and Raji are still due for big contracts.


    Going to be hard to build a consistently good team when 3 players make 25%+ of the cap.

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    Re: Time for Brady to take a pay cut


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    Re: Time for Brady to take a pay cut

    The Union definitely wouldn't allow it. 

    More top paid players should take pay cuts in all sports to help their teams win championships but the unions are too strong. 

    I seriously doubt you would take a pay cut in his position. 

    Welker is the one who needs to take a pay cut, he has a perfect fit here with Brady and won't find as good a situation elsewhere.

    It's time for a lot of things. It's time for Belichick to trade up for a stud safety or pashrusher. It's time for Belichick not to punt on his opponents 30 yard line three times in one game. 


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    Re: Time for Brady to take a pay cut

    he can't take a paycut unless he is released then resigned. What he signed as a contract is what they have to pay him it just matters when. If he signs an extension or agrees to take some of his money and convert it to a bonus it can be distributed over the length of the contract lowerig his contract number for next year but increasing it for other years.

    But why would he or they ever do that? Right now with his contract that have one of the largest amounts of cap space in the league and it's set up nicely then in 14' when the cap explodes his cap number will be lower giving them even more room to play with. It doesn't make any sense for them to do that unless they plan on signing some max contract guys to make a heavy push, but that's not BB's mo. Even Ad and Colvin weren't max contract guys and those were two of the largest contracts BB's given to players outside the system

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    Re: Time for Brady to take a pay cut

    In response to RockScully's comment:


    I doubt his union position or the pressure from the union will allow it.


    I'm sure the union would be fine with the owners raising the salary cap, though.  The owners wanted a lower salary cap, now they have to manage within it. I see no reason for players to volunteer to cut their pay when the owners won't do it themselves by raising the cap.  Tom and Gisele are rich, but Bob Kraft is even richer.