Time for Dowling to step up.

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    Re: Time for Dowling to step up.

    TC....agree on Cunningham.  Nice to see him getting in there and being a part of the front seven domination.  If he can stay healthy and keep improving, it's going to make the defense that much more tough to plan for.  From an opposing offensive standpoint - which guy is coming?  Which guy are you going to try and go after?

    Good quality BB defenses always have been predicated on a VERY stout LB core.  Mayo, Spikes, Hightower...along with Cunningham and even Ninkovich (can be DE or LB).  It can make our defense a lot more versatile and unpredictable.
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    Re: Time for Dowling to step up.

    Overall, I thought Dowling did okay. Not spectacular, but can't say the same for any of the defensive backfield. THe front 7 owned this game, and I was very impressed with the job Mayo did yesterday. A lot of talk about Jones & Hightower and deservedly so, but Mayo was a beast yesterday. 

    Agree with TrueChamp on Cunningham. Just when we all were giving up on the guy, he comes out and has a good day. He looks strong and if he can develop a bit more, he and Jones as bookends would be very nice. 

    What impressed me about Jones was not his strip sack or hurries, but the way he set the edge on the run. Wonder why Chris Johnson totaled 4 yards? The edges were set perfectly, and Jones did a very nice job in this regard. Much impressed with him for this. 

    Tavon Wilson's interception was good concentration...good play. However, I counted more than a few plays where he bit on something and went the wrong way with a big play over the top. He'll get better, but he really needs improvement here, and Chung needs to stay on the field until Wilson can develop properly. I don't feel good having Wilson out in centerfield if we are playing against a good QB with good receivers. 
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    Re: Time for Dowling to step up.


    Sorry to not give your 1st post on this thread any credit...  At first, I didn't- Then once I glanced up to scan through the forever 1-sided cry-babies's takes of the 2-3 year football fans' remarks, I quickly deduced that your points had far too great of a "complete picture" to deal with...your take was too depresingly well-versed with it's larger accounting for me to even bear (yea, that's where we're at lmao).

    RE: NE's D...SWARMING.  Hard.  Punishing.  ...And they seem to enjoy it. 

    I've recently started DVR'ing NE's games this year (All of preseason + Game 1).  I watch them in the earliest morning hours after the fact.  Here's my rationale:  WhyTH get frustrated by each and every tiniest missed tackle and unsuccessful stop, or dropped pass and unsuccessful drive?  I gots NO sway over the outcome, so who gives a sh##...  BUT by watching it after the fact, and learning solely the final score and not 1 bit more, I can still come away with something far greater.  =Knowledge.  Objectively breaking thins down play by play minus any and all of the greater emotives from not knowing the ultimate outcome in the end.  It's great.  Frees up more of the purer pleasures of watching the only sport and only team I love and follow.

    Again...NE's D:

    It was hilariou just to see simply how excellent NE was at doing some of these things:

    1. 4 man line and NE's 2 DE's...  The absolute mastery that they were able to maintain the perfect complimentary grouping in terms of dominanting their jobs in:  Setting an unbudgeable edge that Titan's RBs had to immediately stop and altering their runs anywhere along the outside of the LOS, to either futilely attempt to turn inside and get next to nothing closer to NE's closing defenders, OR- swing so far around tackle and NE's DEs, that they got nuthin' anyway by absolutely NEEDING to try to do this.  PLUS, doing this ^, while ALSO being able to still collapse the pocket and offer palpable pressure over and over against Locker was simply awesome.

    2. NE's LBs in pass-coverage (specifically).  Someone made mention of the ability to maintain a pass-coverage prescence throughout shorter and deeper field grounds once NE's LBs were dropping back, And I think this just about nails it.  Even on successful completions to TEs and RBs, NE's LBs were simply RIGHT on top of them and all over.

    3. Seeing a NE Safety near where the ball was headed...  Lol, that's it=A very refreshing change.  If you asked me this last year, I'd have answered: "I don't know...do we even have Safeties on the field during games, or....?"

    Lol...That lone successful TD drive by the Titans was HILARIOUS.  Rerun's thread's correct...gimme these replacement refs any and every day of the week.  TWIC, I saw (1X on the DMC endzone pass-breakup, and 1X on a Chung-TE pass-breakup)- where based on the "Peyton Interference" rules taken to extremes in these past 2-4 years, WOULD have been pass interference...  "Pass Interference" based on the sheer fact that the wideout readjusted his route and turned directly IN-TO AND The WR initiating and making complete contact with a D...would actually have been a PI call on the defender himself (please lord, someone tell Roger Goodell not to personally F- this one back up again by sending some notices to his officials...pleeease keep just THIS, a non-call as it always was, used to be, and always should be).

    Yea, Here's DMC's tally- 5 Tackles 2 Assists 2 PDs + 1 KR for 28 yards or something...sheezus.  Response:  Bench him.  That INT too, was NOT a drop...the immediate on-field ruling was EXACT.  INT Catch, then fumble as he was getting up on a INT return, and a down ruling based on the fact that when this occurs on an INT, the ball's dead right there If and When this occurs.  They nailed it before the challenge.  Something in me says (pretty obviously) that the fact that Tenn already lost a timeout by challenging an unoverturnd review, AND it being a 28-10 game in the final minute or two of Quarter #3, AND this INT occuring inside Tenn's own 25 yard line....yeaaa (i.e. keep viewer and fans watching by slightly straying from any potential blowout before the 4th q even begins).

    The only DB that Tenn was picking on early was #21 in the 1st half...das it.  But after 1-2 receptions with his coverage assignment and NE's overall D, even THAT didn't result in anything whatsoever for the Titans. 

    Truth time:  Somewhere within Quarter 3, I actually got teary-eyed (I swear to god).  HONESTLY and SINCERELY emotional about how much pain and toll NE's Defense was dishing out...and just how Absolutely RECOGNIZABLE one could see how deflated the Titans were getting.  Here's just 1 example after bringing punishing hit after swaming tackle after no-gain after little to no gain, again and again:  DMC was playing off-man, and removing the 8 yard and up route completely, and so Tenn's wideout did just a 3 or 4 yard sideline stop route, and he ended up dropping the ball simply b/c DMC and the rest of NE's D were already bearing full-force (salivating) down on him as the ball was in the air (perfect example of punishing D, making the go-to pass receiver begin turning their heads in anticipation <and dropping it> prior to actually catching the ball).

    Anyway...Violence ^ always does that to me.  Ya know...watery-eyed proud, wistful happiness of sorts.  Like a glowing parent of some gladiator who's your son, effecting a mortal deep gash before beheading the same enemy in 1 beautiful (quite artistic really)- single swooping move.  I've come to reckon that the sociopathic's pride isn't really ego-laden at all...really, the opposing side should've never stepped on to the field.  I'm guessing therein lies the crux between those like myself, who LOVED the completeness and unrelenting ferocity of the 2001 NE Patriots verses those of the 1-dimensionals me-first, grand output-point-total-firsts who loved the 2007 NE Patriots.  I don't roll like that...  This is Pro Football, Country Club fantasy football members should stay away:  Because in this world (I translate "this world" btw, with: "my eyes") You should seek to exact punish ALL over the field, and play and enforce your will as 1 Entirety (I'm sure this is being discussed in wozzy's thread...But did you see just how worn down and playing on their heels, Tenn's defense was in the 2nd half?!?  Yea, that's refered to as dishing out the punishment of physical toll PRO-active smashmouth running football, WITH the confusion and precision and potentials for drive continuing bigger yard 1st downs of a reactive passing attack, EQUALLY thrown at your opponent in a complete and complimentary way, which defeats them so mentally and physically by the end...Because you're squaring off against your enemy through the use of a complete game).

    My god...even Josh McD having Brady and NE's Offense in that no huddle, no substition, milk the clock and depress the opponent further by just watching the playclock tick down when simply standing there for 20-25 seconds or so under center (til the last play second)...W-O-W.  Talk about just toying with your match-up by that stage in the game.  It was like saying, "Hey, on your lone successful drive within the last 25 minutes of gameplay in the 2nd half of this game, it took you 6 minutes and 48 seconds, 2 hilarious gimmes on bona fide turnovers subsequently overturned by our D, 1 bogus PI, 1 bogus defensive holding on pass-coverage (both on 3rd downs I think, or 1 3rd and 1 2nd and long)...And ya ended up with 3 points...Haha- 28-13 with under 9 minutes.  Ya did that in order to cut the lead to THIS.  Now it's our ball, so we'll just scr#w around with your minds by keeping you dazed and upright while deeply slashing you here & there til the final whistle sounds." 

    Prediction:  When you get used and abused to this degree...Unless Tennessee bounces back HUGE (I mean, HUGE) in week #2...their season will be over by Week #3.  Ya just saw the whole Tenn O and Tenn D...Mmmm- Not very excited to be on the football field and playing the game of football at the end.

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    Re: Time for Dowling to step up.

    yeaaaa, I'm crazy.  Unholy equal-opportunist vagrant, Holy unrepetant vagabound...or somethin' like that. 

    Defeating the enemy WILL and SHOULD come....But let's not get ahead of ourselves by shortchanging the process with a fixated gaze on the end's tally & final outcome.  Tactical gains WILL result in a successful campaign FAR more often than not, once you set your passionately focused total attention & efforts on the immediate wearing down and breaking down and punishing of your opponent, bit by bit, piece by piece.  Stop thinking that there's a time factor, or a Victory parade or supermodel sex that'cha wanna get home to.  ALL those things will come, and come to greater fruition and come in greater probability of occuring, once you set the greatest of absolutes in your formulated eyes & impassioned endeavors to beating the cr#p outta those that stand in your goal, bit by bit, instant by instant. 

    Start thinking about the results only after he's withered and worn down to an exloitable pulp.

    <I'ma make that ^   -into a bumper sticker>  
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    Re: Time for Dowling to step up.

    I think some people are being way too harsh and totally microanalyzing. Dowling had a bad play on the first possesion,yes,but he played well the rest of the game as did the D as a unit. Dowling finished with 4 tkl 3 solo 1 TFL. Tenn averaged only 1.6 yds per carry we dominated the line. What was really impressive was our D,Ras I, included played exremely physical and aggressive and that is when BBs D schemes work the best. I'm sorry but though well thought out, I think some are being a little bit hyper critical calling out a member of a D that dominated that much on the road to "step up".
    When our D with Brusci,Law, et al we were always aggressive and gave up some big plays occasionally , but usually between the twenties. What I saw yesterday was a unit that has jelled and advanced alot since the last preseason game and has the look of a very good unit. I'm not BB but I have always prefered a D that is physical and very aggressive and will always be initiators not reactors when making plays. I saw many similiarities from our Super Bowl winning defensive unit tothis present unit,they make things happen. When you play always pressing the issue you are going to give up the occasional big play but more than likely you are going to make big plays with that style. I think this D unit is going to win a few games for us this year by dominating teams like we did this last game.

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    Re: Time for Dowling to step up.

    Right on Laz!
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    Re: Time for Dowling to step up.

    This was one game my friends. Do not draw too many conclusions on it. If the cb's stink we will all know in a few weeks once we have more numbers to base opinions on. The Titans rebuilt their offense and have a very young QB so do not get overconfident and if Manning lights them up in a few weeks do not get too depressed because he has done it to the best.  

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    Re: Time for Dowling to step up.

    In response to LazarusintheSanatorium's comment:

    Please PatsEng & Wozzy...STOP posting thoughts on this messageboard which are based on having accurate & in-depth football knowledge accrued from long-standing experience of this game- 

    Really...It would make my decision to stay away from here for good, THAT much easier in the end <also, If you see truechamp & rusty...pass this same sentiment along to them, o.k.?>

    I might begin just signing in on the fewer and fewer times I come on here, simply so that on those days, I could venture in to these forums and see bredbru's threads like: " Front 7 showed up! safeties not too bad. cbs, dont look like super bowl caliber cbs. may need to make a move this year to upgrade there during the season.,"  and morerings threads and comments, like:  "This guy has alot more physical talent than McCourty.  He needs to play to his, potential, stay healthy and win a starting job," and pezz's comments like: "Seriously, are you 12?  There's help for your sickness, you know.  Get some!
    This post is not about Brady and your Brady bashing," (who's correct btw...this thread is NOT about Tom Brady's never faltering for 1 play, excellence...this thread's about bashing NE's D and Secondary, which gave up a net sum of 6 total points in this game). 

    In which case, Then I could see some selectively reasoned delusions, like this: "I saw only ONE clean pass breakup by McCourty on the sideline..sometime in the early 2nd quarter I think.  Past that, the Titans receivers were able to catch everything that hit their hands," (you forgot 2 TFLs along with numerous run and pass D support in areas that weren't his direct assignments, blanket coverage minus the very 1st drive in the 2nd half wherein NE switched to an off-coverage dipping into zone bubbles in the secondary + 1 pass-breakup on Titans 1st drive when he broke-up a 3rd down and goal pass in the middle of the endzone leading to a FG rather than a TD)...Plus I could see the varying tag-along football fans like this guy: "Not as bad as McCourty. Arrington wasn't a whole lot more impressive, that 4 and 10 play was played as very poorly," and sporter's:  "I didn't really think Dowling played that bad today but I didn't see him that much either. He made a nice play on the goal line. It looked like the Titans were throwing at McCourty a  lot and a couple of times at Arrington.  I'll have to take a look at Dowlings game more closely," (yea, go back and check sp~...DMC's number is "32" I believe...also, there's the letter's "M-c-C-O-U-R-T-Y" on the back of this guy's jersey).

    And in a lil' babeparilli absolute insanity, and I'd be all set here...


    Minus NE's coordinators beginning the 2nd half by switching to a gravy prevent D and a bubble zone in their secondary for Tenn's very 1st 2nd half drive (TD result), Do ya wanna know Tennesse's sole other successful drive?  A:  It was a drive beginning with 1:05 seconds left in the 3rd Q...It ended with the Titans getting a field goal with 9:17 seconds left in the 4th quarter (yea...a 6 minute & 48 second drive which resulted in 3 points as NE's up 28-10- tell me THAT ain't a tad bit disheartening if you're a Titan?!?).  AND, with-IN this drive, Mayo got a B-s- PI call on perfect blanket coverage over the middle on a Titan RB...Tenn ALSO got a b-s- defensive holding call awarded their TE and on NE in pass-coverage again...AND DMC got robbed of an INT when he caught the football a foot off the ground, moved it into his chest as he was falling (with his hands under the ball), only to have the ball squirt out the bottom as he was attempting to get up and run back with his 100% INT (ruled incompletion)...AND (same drive mind you)- Wilson and Mayo jacked the WR up on a deep crossing pattern, with the ball already coming out after he fully caught it (and before he hit the ground)- Chung picks it up and runs it back (the play Locker AND tenn.s WR got hurt- 1 more pass incomplete "hand me" in order to try to make a game of it for viewer ratings in a 28-10 drubbing a minute before the 4th Q begins).

    C-razyyy just how unimaginably ignorant some of you fantasy football 4 year fans of the NFL are...UN-real.

    NE's D= Scored 7 points= Net sum by Tennessee?  6 F###ING points.  When do you EVER see this in this garbage Roger Goodell/Bill Polian age of Offensive Game benefits?  I just wish you could rent out empathy for 5 seconds to the ignorantly entitled simply so that for once they could even grasp at attemppting to understand how much of a Lose-Lose situation it really is at ALL times these days, to even attempt to try to play even moderately decent pass coverage and good overall Defense in this day and age...sheez.  NE rather played unbelievable...GREAT-  simply AWESOME D in this game...all over...swarming, tight, hard, smashing-  And what do they get from 1/2 of their whining entitled baby no-knowledge fanbase who've followed the game for 2 years (+ 2-3 years of Madden & Fantasy Football office pools)...? 

    ...NE's players get this ^.  ^  This type of sh#t still...forever.Not even, "NOT a good word"...nope.  They get multiple threads outting Pats D and/or Pats D players while being downright OUTRAGED if and whenever (b/c this isn't even a criterion in order to badmouth NE's D) even 1 person brings up even 1 poor execution...on 1 drive...and on 1 play...from NE's Offense.

    It's just so sad what an undeserving h#lf-#ss#d fanbase this team brings with it now.  And now that NE's gameplan is tailored back to complimentary FULL-team football, wherein each side is benefiting the other...ya get this very same crying gluttonous entitlement.  Honestly...so sad to say I follow the same team that some of our new age nuevo-NE-Pats-success-laden-endowments of loudmouthed half-blind babies with ZERO 1st person game of football, call themselves so called "fans" of the same team. 

    Maybe we'll forever be at odds here I suppose...  Too many of you solely view "worth" (and I mean: AT ALL), In terms of purely output (and NOTHING...nothhhhing else).  Wherein, I see you as absultely devoid of any worth at all for that matter. 

    Hate ta end on a down-note...but GOOD God.       

    Wow Laz.

    and morerings threads and comments, like: "This guy has alot more physical talent than McCourty. He needs to play to his, potential, stay healthy and win a starting job,"

    Sorry about the 5 threads I have started in the last 6 mos.  But I will stick to my guns,
    I think it is time Dowling stepped up and won a starting CB spot.

    ...this thread's about bashing NE's D and Secondary, which gave up a net sum of 6 total points in this game).

    Don't recall bashing the D at any point, at all.  

    Please PatsEng & Wozzy...STOP posting thoughts on this messageboard which are based on having accurate & in-depth football knowledge accrued from long-standing experience of this game-

    I happen to agree with a lot of posts by these guys, TC and Rusty, you know you can start a private discussion right?  I find it odd that you write this and then post 2x more on this thread.
    Not to mention the length of your posts.  

    Cheer up bro!!!