Time for patience

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    Time for patience

    It is time for patience.  Time to see how the new players perform in their first Pro camp.  Time to see what the Patriots have.  A new batch of free agents will be out in June.  Than there is the cutdown before the season starts.  Now is not the time to be looking and reaching for a player to fill the pass rush problem.  Wait.  Be patient.  The Patriot will have almost a 50% turnover in their roster in the last two years.  That is a lot of bodies coming and going.  There will be some good players available in a  short time that will help fill the gaps.  Let the coaches assess what they have and what they need.  Who knows!  Maybe Crable will actually make it to one pro snap this year!!!!
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    Re: Time for patience

    Completely agree but I think all the banter is just good entertainment. If the Patriots went in with no weaknesses and solid players at every position, we'd have nothing to discuss. While I do think 90% of the talk here is complete over-exaggeration (good and bad), it still makes for interesting conversation.

    I think Bill knows something about Crable and McKenzie that we don't and that's why he went where he went in the draft. I'm very high on the McKenzie kid and I certainly hope he pans out.