Time to Call Seau?

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    Re: Time to Call Seau?

    Pierre woods and Tully both are bad and we know it
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    Re: Time to Call Seau?

    Something doesn't add up, not in the least.  Mike Vrabel gets tossed out harder and faster than Ghost can boot a kickoff. 

    We just saw the best crop of linebackers in years fly off the draft board.  The Patriots could have drafted a linebacker at #23 or at #26.  BB even talked about moving up.  BB took a safety at #34, a nose at #40, a cornerback at #41, an offensive tackle at #58 and a wide receiver at #83 before he bothered with an inside linebacker.  Linebacker problem?  What linebacker problem?   Then BB found a guard, another tackle, a long snapper of all things, another defensive tackle, a flexible guy who can play absolutely any position on the field but linebacker, yet another defensive tackle, an auto mechanic, a new dentist and a landscaping service, but no more linebackers!

    And Bill Belichick isn't stupid.  Bill started out as a linebackers coach.  He personally tutors linebackers.  What's up?

    Just a guess, but BB gave an enormous vote of confidence to third rounder McKenzie, except McKenzie was only BB's sixth selection (and then he promptly fell down, maybe next year).

    So, somebody (or everybody) on the LB roster has an enormous vote of confidence.  The LB roster is full, period, end of story.  This doesn't jive with BB's recent relative dissing of Crable.  Best guess, Crable is actually going to be ok but BB thinks he's not working hard enough in the offseason.  Either Crable, Pierre Woods or Tully Banta-Cain has to be pretty good, or all three.  Given the vote of confidence, Tedy Bruschi is probably just beat up and will recover by September. 

    Doesn't make a lick of sense.  Can someone untangle this?  Any clues?

    As for Junior-Senior Seau, I suspect that BB has a sweetheart deal.  Seau can surf until November.  BB saves himself a roster spot in September.  Someone in the first 8 to 12 weeks has to go on injured reserve.  Then Seau comes in to work and maybe plays in the Super Bowl.  Seau wins.  BB wins.