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Time To Pull An RKrap

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    Re: Time To Pull An RKrap

    reading the thread to this point was a blast, it was like a Rusty Roast...great laughs!


    but seriously Rusty you do tend to attack other members and begin this needless and extremely childish name calling and character attacks on them. However, many here do instigate him and they know it will goat him on....

  far as this post is concerned its just dumb and I can't believe I come to a Pats forum and have to see this. 

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    Re: Time To Pull An RKrap

    In response to CatfishHunter's comment:


    In response to russgriswold's comment:





    It's a gift. I am very good at sniffing out crap. It makes me a strong sales consultant and negotiator. 




    That's all it takes?  I'm going to sit down with my dog tonight and talk with him.  He's a pretty good sniffer himself.   Knows the neighborhood.  No reason he can't go door to door and make sales.




    LMAO...Totally classless headline by original poster