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    Loads of talent but no heart...

    I had a great feeling about this game until I watched the jets game. They had heart, Mojo, Gusto and anything else you want to call it. My heart sunk because I knew this version of the Patriots could not match such and output of effort. We saw it all year. Lots of talented players getting outplayed. Just look at the road record to see it. And just before the game started they announced that the Pats had won the toss and elected to defer.  I looked to the guy's I was watching with and said 7-0 Raven's.. I'm sure I wasn't the onlyone that said outloud... Where's Brian Cox when we need him.. So.. They dynasty is over. Actually it's been over for a little while. We accumulated enough points to hold on to the "Team of the decade title" Whatever.. I'll trade it for some hardware anyday. I'm sure the team would as well.

     We had to swallow some big pills over the past few years. Reaching milstones and breaking records we did not want to see. First home loss in 20 something years. Most losses when winning at halftime. Teams we owned getting full payment with revenge beatdowns on us. Clearly it's difficult to climb the ladder of success to the top and stay there.. even as a fan you feel everyone one on the way down..

    okay so I'm ranting. I know they tried hard and I am still a diehard fan..  But FCK !!!!!!!  

    Tell me i'm wrong about the heart thinggg.. Just the way I see it..
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